Resource Group


Resource Group’s Unmanned Aviation Services division is a UK CAA National Qualified Entity (NQE SUA) authorised to provide Remote Pilot UAS training and assessments to enable the issue of a CAA Permission For Aerial Work (PFAW). All of our operators have extensive experience in UAS operations and are all RPQ-s (CAA) qualified. 

Our RPQ-small (RPQ-s) training programme is designed to meet the CAA mandatory standard for legal commercial UAV operations.

We provide high quality UAS training and service delivery solutions across wide ranging commercial sectors worldwide. Examples include large infrastructure construction inspections, oblique aerial imaging, industrial inspection, aerial mapping and surveys, and 3D modelling.

Resource Group also offer Aerial Imagery training courses, bespoke UAS training solutions and has developed the RPAS Portal designed specifically for RPAS operators and pilots to manage their UAS business. RPAS Portal is a web based management tool that provides a secure platform for Flight Planning, Equipment Management, Activity and Maintenance Logbooks, Risk Assessment and Collaborative working. 

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