MULTIROTOR – Unmanned Solutions Made in Germany

MULTIROTOR is a pioneer in the UAV market. As early as in 2008,
MULTIROTOR developed the first micro-multicopter for innovative B2B applications - long before unmanned aerial vehicle systems (UAV) were widely known and acknowledged. 

This makes MULTIROTOR the trailblazer of one of the most cutting-edge technology trends in recent years. Our company can look back on vast experience and a broad customer base in the field of multicopter drones for commercial and professional use. We are well aware of our role as one of the technology and market leaders and we are working hard every day to live up to this prominent position.

Experience our versatile range of products with tailor-made end-to-end UAV solutions for surveying, monitoring and inspection as well as custom-fit UAV’s for industry, agriculture, film, television, photography and many other applications.