Lockheed Martin


Lockheed Martin Corporation is a worldwide aerospace, defense and security company specializing in advanced technology.  Represented at Commercial UAV London by our CDL Systems business unit, we are presenting our family of small unmanned aircraft systems, common control interfaces, and advanced data analytics.  Focus at this event is on our Indago quadrotor system which is a world leading small UAS for use in all environments – including extreme weather, high altitude, and covert applications.  Combined with our common ground control station software, mGCS, we have a universal control capability and a simple to use UAS with advanced capability sold as a commercial product.  

We are also introducing our Hydra Fusion Tools “structure from motion” software product, designed to create instantaneous 3D image reconstructions on a basic commercial laptop computer.  Hydra can be combined with any Lockheed Martin UAS, or with third party drones.