Hexagon AB


Hexagon develops information technology solutions that drive productivity and quality across geospatial and industrial landscapes. In our world, information technology is about extracting insight from data. We call this actionable information. Actionable information enables automated processes and aids decision making.

Unlike most software companies, we have strong roots in reality capture sensors – sensors that capture geospatial data about a physical environment and sensors that capture quality data about manufactured products.

Our solutions deliver intelligent information ecosystems that integrate data feeds, create seamless workflows and make entire systems more efficient. Simply, they connect everything in the system – people, machines or processes – embed intelligence and enable visualisation for smarter interaction with information. Our solutions are optimising the flow of information in some of the world’s most vital industries – from agriculture, manufacturing, construction and energy to public safety, security and defence.

Our business is comprised of the following divisions – Agriculture, Geospatial, Geosystems, Manufacturing Intelligence, Mining, Positioning Intelligence, PPM and Safety & Infrastructure. Each is focused on developing technologies for specific applications, but our solutions leverage the power of our entire portfolio.