Cobham draws on 80 years of technology and innovation to offer solutions to challenging problems in harsh environments and specialises in meeting the growing demand for data, connectivity and bandwidth. 

Antennas are designed and manufactured for both ends of the link, between Control Station and Unmanned Vehicles, for land and airborne systems. With Cobham’s optimised antennas at both ends of the link operators can expect greater coverage, range and efficiency. A range of high gain omni, directional, sector and multi-sector antennas are available.

A world-class supplier of wireless links globally and a leader in the MPEG4 wireless technology revolution, Cobham also offers high-quality, DVB-T low-delay broadcast transmitter/receiver systems and IP Solutions. When fitted with a Cobham SOLO7 Nano Transmitter an Unmanned Vehicle is able to stream live SD or HD stabilised video imaging.