Bionic Eye


Bionic Eye is the leading commercial UAV systems integrator working with industry to build optimised business solutions. Typically placing specialist instruments in distant, dangerous, dirty or dull locations to allow rapid data acquisition and timely cost effective decision making.  Bionic Eye is the only company in the U.K to manufacture survey grade (sub 5mm accuracy) LiDAR solutions currently used across many industries. Other systems include Thermal and Corona (Ultra Violet) UAV systems to meet challenging client environments from power line to offshore inspection.

To achieve this, we have sourced the world best systems and will be showcasing some of these, such as Gryphon Dynamics who are the preferred choice for Hollywood UAV camera rigs with their impressive inter-changeable airframes. Gryphon will also be launching their new performance carbon fibre propellors. To the new PowerVision Egg which it's radical egg shape designed to compete with the DJI range of consumer UAV’s.

The Bionic Eye - Unmanned & Unmatched”