Come and see how UAVs open up new possibilities across aerial photography, inspection, surveys, mapping, real-time data collection and so much more.


See the P31015 from MarineUAS on stand 55. 

The P31015 is a platform that is designed from the ground up to specifically meet the demand from maritime operations in the high-north environment. This fixed-wing aircraft can carry up to 4.5kg of onboard payload. The UAS comes with both an option for electric propulsion as well as a conventional propulsion engine. It offers a typical range of more than 100km, while having a maximum speed of over 45m/s. Besides the robust structure it offers a large carrier capacity that can accommodate a variety of on-board systems.


marineuasEU P31015

Sky Futures Expanse

See Sky Futures software platform “Expanse” on stand 38.

Securely and efficiently manage your data, creating intuitive reports accessible to all stakeholders through the cloud. Present inspection findings in the context of a 3D model of the asset. Reach the deepest level of inspection information in just two clicks. Achieve all of this in a third of the time it took you to create your reports with spreadsheet, word processing or presentation software.


See DroneALERT & DroneCONNECT from AIRPORT-UAV on stand C3.

DroneALERT™ industry first app lets users report bad drone activity using pictures, videos and geo-locations.

DroneCONNECT™ is a global drone service directory. From Operators to drone racers, trainers to insurance. Easy to search, even easier to join!


EasyMap UAV

See the EasyMap UAV on stand 15. 

This fixed-wing design was tested during many surveys conducted all around world. They will also be introducing the new SAR design, ScoutWing. Lookout for some great giveaways on their stand. 

See the Sentinel JUPA(E) on stand E3

Designed and built in the UK the Sentinel JUPA(E) is a fully autonomous UAV capable of flying for over 4 hours and is Sub20Kg. Aircraft is a carbon and fibreglass construction and hand built to order with optional payloads such as dual camera gimbals for utility company inspections and Search and Rescue and features a Satcom capability for operating EVLOS or BVLOS if permissions allow. A LIDAR capability for utility company pylon mapping and utilised GNSS GPS precision for 1cm accuracy.


AVID Technology

See high power density motors & propulsion systems from AVID Technology on stand 99

Meet Ryan Maughan the founder and Managing Director of AVID Technology. Find out about AVID’s new motor technology to the UAV market that promises to drastically improve the performance and efficiency of UAV's compared to the current state of the art propulsion systems.


The Bionic Eye showcases Gryphon Dynamics Airframes on stand 41

Gryphon Dynamics combine state of the art manufacturing and design technology to deliver incredible performance. These aircraft are built to be used, allowing a wide range of current and future payloads and gimbals to be installed, easy to maintain and repair, and with the ability to transport safely, whilst enduring the rigors transportation to the far corners of the earth.

Also see the PowerEgg, where you will also have the opportunity to win one!

The Bionic Eye - Showcases Gryphon Dynamics Airframes

See Terra Mapper exhibiting with Unifly on stand 90a

Terra Mapper is a fully consistent photogrammetry solution from image processing, to 3D image analysis, and has its biggest strength in accuracy, simplicity, and efficiency in both time and cost.

Terra Mapper has two types; Desktop / Cloud which you can choose from based on your drone usage.





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