Drones are at the forefront of the evolution in mapping and GIS technology. Hear how drones are bridging the gap between the physical and digital, revolutionising the surveying industry, helping conservation efforts and improving the forestry sector.

Wednesday 15th November



What will the skies look like in 2050?  

Beyond 2020: what are the long-term predictions for the future of our airspace? 

Michael Read, independent industry expert and world’s most experienced jetpack flyer


UAVs in construction

Small gains in efficiency can translate to billions in savings for the construction industry, like many others. How will UAVs prevent waste and drive efficiency in construction?

Mat Kellett, Mobile Mapping, UAV & OEM Sales Manager, Topcon


Cope with the increasing demand on customers' high expectations regarding aerial shots  

Commercial UAS/Drone footage will no longer stand out by ordinary aerial point of views. How can you use drones & drone footage for high-end brand film productions and which cameras are accepted today without investing thousands of dollars/euro's?

Jochem J. Feldberg, Partner & Spokesman & pilot & dronepilot,

Autonomous Icing Protection Solution for Unmanned Aircraft

Mitigating hazardous weather conditions for drones with innovative solutions

Kim Lynge Sorensen, Postdoctoral Fellow, The Norwegian University of Science and Technology

The Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Use of UAV’s in the Bridge Inspection Industry – The realities of…

Why does bridge inspection need to change? What are the applications of UAVs in the industry?

Kimble West,  CEng MICE, Technical Director, XEIAD Ltd


Two steps at a time: bundling sensing potential and aircraft performance

Philipp Amon, Product Manager RiCOPTER, Riegl


Application of VTOL UAS in disaster response

The benefits of a VTOL application to aid saving lives and precious time

Nicolas Brieger, CTO, German Drones

German Drones

Intelligently bridging the physical and digital

Now that our physical and digital worlds are closer than ever, how can we bridge the gap?

Bob Scannell, Marketing Manager, Analog Devices

Analog Devices

Integrating Drones and Cloud Based Application For Power Lines Inspection And Management

The applications of drones for power lines inspection and management

Kamarul A,  Founder and CEO, Aerodyne


Efficient Processing of UAV Data with Correlator3D™

Correlator3D software is a patented end-to-end photogrammetry solution for the generation of high-quality geospatial data from satellite and aerial imagery, including UAVs

Abdaal Mazhar Shafi, Technical Sales Advisor, Simactive



UAV forest mapping

How can a drone help forestry managers improve forest management and operational planning, inventory assessment, monitoring of illegal activities and encroachment and responding to environmental events?

Grahame Grover, Project Development, UAVE


The use of drones for infrastructures maintenance & asset management - a focus on the French Railway experience

Asset management is bolstered by using innovative technologies such as drones to proactively inspect critical assets and to ensure these are maintained effectively

Anthony-Victor Mehl, Business Manager, ALTAMETRIS -An SNCF Réseau Subsidiary

ALTAMETRIS -An SNCF Réseau Subsidiary


Thursday 16th November



Professional autopilot and high-end precision engineered carbon fibre UAVs

SmartAP-Clogworks flight control system for the Dark Matter range

Kirill Shilov, CEO, Sky-Drones


Providing your drone with endless new uses

What is the potential of tomorrow’s drones? What will they do that you haven’t even thought of yet?

Jaroslav Bőhm, International Sales Manager, Workswell s.r.o .

Workswell s.r.o.

Drone control via the Mobile Internet

An overview of drone fleet management with Globe UAV Solutions

Jorg Brinkmeyer, Owner & CEO, Globe UAV

Globe UAV
12:30 TBC

INAV-AG: Industrial grade autopilot software

An autopilot that provides a total control solution

Jarno Puff, Founder, LikeABird


Photogrammetry, drones and Pix4D: disrupting industries around the world

Pix4D map: turning your images into highly precise, georeferenced 2D maps and 3D models

Dr Caroline Bailey, Regional Sales Manager, Pix4D


How UAVs are used at Rothamsted to monitor agricultural field experiments

Rothamsted use custom-built equipment to enable high-throughput collection of data from experimental crop plots. Collection of data with this method will give unique perspectives on crop growth and plant functioning, and will vastly extend capabilities for screening crops of different genetic background for performance, nutrition, stress, pathogen and disease responses.

Andrew B Riche, Agronomist, Rothamsted Research

Rothamsted Research

Carlson Software solutions for UAVs in land surveying, mining, agriculture, construction and data collection

Using Carlson software to create 3D imaging

Benjamin Vander Jagt, Photogrammetry Developer and Engineer, Carlson Software

Carlson Software

A farmer’s perspective on the use of Drones

Farming could be revolutionised using drones through increasing productivity and making sustainability a priority.

Nigel Cooke, Farmer, R Cooke & Sons


Drones in earth sciences

How have drones increased the productivity of the earth sciences sector? What more can they do?

Professor Guy Gratton, Head of Airborne Science and Technology, National Centre for Atmospheric Science

National Centre for Atmospheric Science





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