UAV Show 2018

Free Visitor Program Day 2



Opening Hours:

Wednesday 14 November 9:30-17:00 

Thursday 15 November 9:30-16:00




UAV Show 2018

Seminar Theatre 1 - Mapping and Surveying


Royal Institiute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) Presentation

James Kavanagh, Director Land group, Professionals Groups and Forums, Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS)​ 


James Kavanagh UAV Show


RIEGL Lidar Systems used by the UAV Industry - Projects, Challenges and Outlook       

Philipp Amon, Business Division Manager - ULS, RIEGL Lidar Systems

Philipp Amon UAV Show


£600bn, 10 Years, isn't that enough time and money?

Peter Slater, Head of Product Market Fit, SenSat Surveying Ltd.


Peter Slater UAV Show


UAV’s changing the landscape for Surveying

Oliver Viney, PR Committee Chairman, The Survey Association (TSA)



Oliver Viney       
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UAV Show 2018

Seminar Theatre 2 - 3D Imaging & Geospatial Innovations


Collaboration: the key to success in scientific research and how industry can learn from this    

Arron Watson, Founder, EcoDroneUk



EcoDrone UAV Show


The Aviary Project Presention

Damian Kysely, Founding Partner, The Aviary Project

Damian Ksely   



Alberta United Kingdom Office Presentation

Michael Padua, Director, Alberta United Kingdom Office​


Michael Padua UAV Show



Development and Assessement of a Fixed-wing amphibious UAV for Marine Megafauna Surveys and Enforcement 

Melissa Schiele, MSc Conversvation Science,  Department of Life Sciences - Imperial College London


Melissa #UAV Show



Peli Protection for UAVs 

David Smih, Sales Manager,  Peli Products​


Peli  UAV Show
UAV Show 2018

Seminar Theatre 3 - Precision Agriculture


Targeted detection of Septoria in Wheat

Oliver Windram, NERC Omics Fellow, Imperial College London



Oliver Windram UAV Show


The Role of UAVs In Bridging The Developmental Gap In Africa       

Dr. Victor M. Mwongera, Aerospace Engineering Lecturer, Kenyatta University

Dr. Victor M. Mwongera UAV Show
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UAV Show 2018

Seminar Theatre 4 - RITC

Hosted by: 


Capability development collaboration opportunities for the Small commercial operators – A paradigm shift

Omar Kassim Ariff, Lecturer in Aircraft and UAV Design, University of Salford - Greater Manchester



UAV Show


iRed Infrared

Senior Representive, iRed Infrared 


iRed Infrared




The Royal Aeronautical Society 

Senior Representive, The Royal Aerinautical Society 

The Royal Aerinautical Society UAV Show


Dronestream App

Harry Howe, Founder, Drone Stream


UAV Show   


Coventry University Presentation

Dale Richards, Senior Lecturer, Human Factors | University UAV Safety Officer, Faculty of Engineering & Computing, Coventry University



Dale Richards UAV Show


The Rise of the Hybrid

Robert Garbett, CEO, DroneMajor


Robert Garbett UAV Show



How UAV Training has evolved in the past 5 years

Sion Roberts, Founder/Managing Director, Eagle Eye Innovations


Jason Liu UAV Show



New York UAS Central

Senior Representative, UAS Central


New York UAS UAV Show



Open University Presentation

Simon Sheridan, Research Fellow, Open University



Simon Sheridan UAV Show



The Global Drone 2-Way Marketplace

Tony Martin, Managing Director, highCANDI Limited  


Tony Martin UAV Show
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UAV Show 2018

Seminar Theatre 5 - BlueLight Services and Health and Safety


Understand the GDPR Implementation Framewor k

Maria Varela, Co-Founder, Smaare Consulting



Maria Varela, Co-Founder, Smaare Consulting UAV Show

10:30 – supporting the GDPR and privacy compliance of drone professionals in Europe

Christina Hitrova, Research Analyst,


Christina Hitrova UAV Show

Anna Donovan, Senior Research Analyst,


Anna Donovan UAV Show


NFCC Presention

Tim Murell, Goup Manager, NFCC​ 


Ryan Brewis UAV Show   


UAVs in Healthcare

Christopher Dahlin Rodin, Founder and Researcher, Autonomy Research Group



Christopher Dahlin Rodin UAV Show


Air Accidents Investigation Branch Presentation

Stuart Hawkins, Senior Inspector of Air Accidents, Air Accidents Investigation Branch


Stuart Hawkins UAV Show


Puls + Haney PLLC Presention

The Rise of the Hybrid W.Kelly Puls, Attorney, Puls + Haney PLLC


Puls UAV Show
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