The Commercial UAV Show Day 2

Day 2 - Thursday 16th November 2017


Conference welcome and Chairperson's opening remarks

Infrastructure and UAV

Ravi Kugananthan

Opening Keynote: Innovative and creative uses of drones in the construction industry: Transferrable lessons

  • How have changes in regulation and advances in technology changed how UAVs are used in construction?
  • What does UAV use mean for training staff?
  • What kind of data can you get from a drone?
  • What does adoption look like for organisations of different scales?
James Dunthorne

Rail Surveys – Drones are a “game changer”

  • What are the biggest risks, costs and challenges facing the rail service delivery chain?
  • Vogel R3D: “a game changer”; What is it, why is it unique and how is it the most advanced method of data capture available in the industry?
  • How a single survey can be used for not only rail alignment design, but H&S assessments, condition surveys, and virtual site visits
  • How drones are changing the way we think about data capture and delivery

Topic in the works! - Airbus Aerial


Biren Gandhi

Drones and Internet of things

  • Discussing connectivity challenged of systems of drones
  • How can an autonomous system be managed?
  • What are the design features of a connected system of UAVs?
  • What are the use cases?

Morning networking break

Track 1 - Technology, Data Management and New Opportunities

Track 2 - Drones, Future Cities and the Human Race

Track 4 - Technology, Data and New Opportunities

When Big is Too Big: Real-Time Drone Data Processing on the Edge

  • “Big” is only Getting Bigger: Optical Sensors versus Broadband
  • Cloud or Edge? What Every Drone Operator Should Know About Where the Math Gets Crunched
  • GPUs and a New Era of Massive Local Parallelization
  • Real-World Computing on the Edge: Real-time 3D Reconstruction
Track 5 - Innovations in the Industry

What is the role of drones in smart cities?

  • What are the challenges and opportunities of UAVs in smart cities?
  • What are the main uses for UAVs in the future city?
  • UAVs for traffic and pollution monitoring
  • How will regulations have to be adapted to encompass the use of UAVs in urban airspace?
Track 4 - Technology, Data and New Opportunities

The very near future of last mile logistics: 100kg cargo UAV’s

  • Near future markets
  • Entry strategy: a techno and socio/economical approach
Track 5 - Innovations in the Industry

UNICEF: Engaging drones for humanitarian use

  • Developing national regulatory frameworks for drones
  • Delivering laboratory samples and health supplies
  • Integrating drones in emergency response
  • Africa’s first drone air corridor for humanitarian use
Track 4 - Technology, Data and New Opportunities

How UAVs are being used in search and rescue operations

  • What vision do SAR operators have for the future use of UAV technology?
  • How have the RNLI incorporated UAVs into operational use?
  • Encouraging SAR partners to engage with our requirements gathering exercise
  • Case studies from the past year of using UAVs
Track 5 - Innovations in the Industry

How are drones becoming more autonomous?

  • What foundations are being laid today that will lead to a system of fully automated drones in the future?
  • Will we ever be able to remove the human element from UAV control?
  • What is the newest software that will lead the way to autonomy?
Track 4 - Technology, Data and New Opportunities

Unmanned aircraft for autonomous accident investigation

  • Examining and analyzing UAV uses in accident investigation
  • Investigating the use of LiDAR in response to accidents
Track 5 - Innovations in the Industry

Developing innovative tools for the control and management of marine litter through UAVs

  • How can UAVs be used in conservation zones?
  • How are drones being used to solve problems in a more straightforward way than before?
  • Funding the use of drones within a research organisation
  • Examples of drone applications in conservation; what are the transferrable lessons?

Networking lunch & exhibition visit

UAV Capabilites for 2018 and Beyond

Peter Slater

What is the importance of safety management systems for UAVs?

  • How are safety management systems developed?
  • What are the standards that have been created across industries?
  • What are the risks if your organisation does not have a safety management system in place?
  • Finding an inspiring way to promote safety
Patrick Sherman

Drones, Thermal Imaging and Emergency Response

  • Gain a basic understanding of the science behind thermal imaging
  • Learn about the capabilities (and limitations!) of thermal imaging cameras
  • See real-life examples of thermal imaging drones deployed in emergency response
  • Examples include: structural and wildland firefighting, search and rescue, and hazardous materials
Jonathan Gill

Managing the world’s first Hands-free Hectare

  • Automated machines growing the first arable crop remotely
  • How drones and automated field scouts have been used with our agronomist
  • Using open source software to control the autonomous systems
  • Taking crop samples of the Hectare with an aerial drone system.
John Barlow

How can UAVs be used to map geological change?

  • Minimising risks to communities and infrastructure by predicting change
  • What kinds of data are used to create results?
  • How do UAVs provide new insights?
  • What are the arguments for use?
Ed Davies

UAV potential to contribute to our national resilience structure

  • How can Search and Rescue operations be enhanced by the use of UAVs?
  • What navigation systems will these SAR teams rely on?
  • How the data collected by drones can be a huge advantage
  • Challenges in UAV field deployment
Ed Davies, Environmental Hazards and Disaster Department, Kingston University

End of Conference 2017

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