The Commercial UAV Show Day 1

Day 1 - Wednesday 15th November 2017


Registration commences, Exhibition doors open


Conference welcome and Chairperson's opening remarks

The Future of UAVs

Marcus Johnson

Opening Keynote: Developing an autonomous ATM system and defining the future of the drone industry

  • Designing an air traffic management system that will allow for widely used BVLOS operations
  • What are the obstacles between where we are now and universal BVLOS?
  • Who has a license; how successful have their flights been; what results can you expect?
  • What you need to consider: Security threats, potential disasters, liability
Al Cunningham

Building the case for the safe use of UAS in international airspace: What progress has been made?

  • Discussing the certification of systems
  • Understanding the whole industry: UAS in military service: Types and Use
  • Understanding the tension between certification and capability development
  • Case Study: Project Claire
Joe Little

Innovating and adopting technology trends: The oil industry’s view

  • How have UAVs revolutionised the oil industry?
  • What are the other forms of technology that can complement the use of UAVs?
  • What are the best use cases for UAVs in the oil industry? Accompanied with case studies

Speed networking


Morning networking break


Jon Damush

Panel: Malicious actors and UAVs: What is the role of the manufacturer when countering drones?

  • What are the benefits of manufacturer self-regulation over government control?
  • Who holds the ultimate responsibility to prevent misuse of UAVs?
  • How can you keep track of where your product is going?
  • What are the current preventative measures, and how can they be improved?

Roundtable Discussions

Topics Include
Regulation focus: BVLOS
UAVs in precision agriculture
UAV use in day-to-day law enforcement
The potential of UAVs and BIM
Disaster relief – How drones provide support
IoT-Connected UAVs
Connectivity challenges for drones
Driving BVLOS technology forward

Networking lunch & exhibition visit

Track 1 - Technology, Data Management and Innovation

Track 2 - Fine-tuning The Industry: Safety & Security in Drone Use

Track 1 - Technology, Data Management and Innovation

The software behind the hardware: developments driving innovation

  • Software solutions that are building the next era of drones
  • How are software developments addressing the key technical challenges?
  • What are developers doing to address UAV safety?
  • What are the main software development trends?
Track 2 - Fine-tuning the Industry: Safety & Security in Drone Use

How do you actually scale Enterprise drone operations?

  • Why is Enterprise now looking to scale in-house rather than outsourcing?
  • What tools are needed to scale Enterprise drone operations?
  • How can/will Enterprise deal with the ever-increasing amounts of drone-based data they collect?
  • What does the future look like for scaled Enterprise drone operations?
Track 1 - Technology, Data Management and Innovation

Panel: Handling your data: How to get the most valuable insights?

  • Overcoming the challenges of a data overload
  • Best practices for processing, analysing and storing your data
  • Recognising what is invaluable and what is irrelevant
  • How secure is your data? Advice for spotting potential pitfalls
Track 2 - Fine-tuning the Industry: Safety & Security in Drone Use

Quick-fire debate: Should Manufacturers self-regulate?

  • What does it mean to self-regulate?
  • Is self-regulation counter-productive to creating industry standards?
  • Should there be cross-company collaboration on standards?
  • Who benefits from self-regulation?

Blue Lights


Track 1 - Technology, Data Management and Innovation

Policing and UAVs: How can drones help with traffic management and accident reporting?

  • How can UAVs be used to collect data in a new, efficient way?
  • How are UAVs modernising the way that traditional traffic monitoring can be carried out?
  • What are the advantages of using UAVs?
  • Case studies and examples
Track 2 - Fine-tuning the Industry: Safety & Security in Drone Use

Regulatory obstacles to employing counter-UAV technology

  • Addressing the laws that make c-UAV methods illegal
  • Understanding your options in the current regulatory climate
  • Where is the discussion happening? Who is involved?
  • Overcoming roadblocks to ensure safety for all
Track 1 - Technology, Data Management and Innovation

UAVs: A tool for emergency management?

  • What are the potential applications of UAVs in emergency management?
  • How UAVs can be used for risk assessment
  • How are UAVs enhancing investigations in new ways?
Track 2 - Fine-tuning the Industry: Safety & Security in Drone Use

Moving at the speed of business: The problems with regulating innovative technology

  • Creating standards from the UAV industry across several member states
  • How can you move the management of UAVs out of the regulatory sphere?
  • What are the benefits to users of UAVs if standards are created by bodies other than national regulators?
  • How is the ICAO developing a global registry for the UAV industry?
Sam Brand, Chief, Revenue and Product Management, International Civil Aviation Organization
Track 1 - Technology, Data Management and Innovation

What will the skies look like in 2050?

  • Beyond 2020: what are the long-term predictions for the future of our airspace?
  • What will the biggest goals and milestones be over the next 30 years?
  • How much change can we expect to see? Will it be a gradual acceptance or a total shift in regulation?
  • Will commercial airspace become more public or private?
Track 2 - Fine-tuning the Industry: Safety & Security in Drone Use

Regulation focus: Preparing for the impact of Brexit and global change on the industry

  • How effective is current legislation? What are the expectations for the next 5 years?
  • Will the regulatory landscape within the UK mirror that of the EU after Brexit?
  • UK role in developing the UAV sector; encouraging innovation
  • What are our expectations for regulatory change, if any?
Elena Lynch, Head of Drones Policy, International Aviation, Safety & Environment,, Department for Transport

Oil and Gas


Track 1 - Technology, Data Management and Innovation

Maximising the potential to use UAVs in oil & gas production

  • What are the new technologies being used in oil and gas exploration?
  • Teaming UAVs with USVs and UMVs
  • Which parts of the production chain are becoming to rely on automated vehicles?
  • How will the industry come to rely further on UAVs in the future?
Track 2 - Fine-tuning the Industry: Safety & Security in Drone Use

Developing universal standards across the UAV industry

  • How will adopting standards help bring new market entrants?
  • Who should be involved in the creation of standards?
  • Why there is a need today in order to grow tomorrow
  • How should regulators be involved from the initial stages?
Michael Gadd, Policy Specialist, UAS & Spaceplanes, Civil Aviation Authority

Afternoon Networking Break

Managing Commercial Airspace

Jonathan Evans

Invisible Highways: Developing autonomous traffic management systems

  • Enabling safe low-altitude civilian UAS operations
  • How can a UTM (UAV traffic management) system be implemented into existing airspace?
  • Who will oversee such a system?
Jonathan Evans

Panel: Managing public and private airspace

  • How will airspace management systems need to adapt to include widely used UAVs?
  • What are the main regulatory barriers?
  • What sort of collaboration needs to happen between public and private organisations?
  • What does the future of airspace management look like?
Daniel Rubio, CTO, AirMap

End of Conference Day 1 - Networking drinks

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