Civil UAVs Initiative 

Between 8.50 – 10.20 on Day 1 in Expo Theatre 1 Babcock, Indra & GAIN will host a joint conference session on the Civil UAV Initiative (CUI)

“Open innovation for the promotion of aerospace entrepreneurship in Galicia (Spain) ”.
Civil UAVs Initiative (CUI) is an ambitious program fostered by Galicia Government (Spain), where developing the Galician aero spatial industry sector is their main goal. By means of the innovation, supported by the local technological Centres, Universities and Galician companies, the Regional Government is achieving their challenges in terms of employment and technological capabilities. In their strategy, Galicia Region intend to be an international reference in the field of UAVS thanks to their clearly bet by the Galicia Government which was endorsed by means a 164 million euros of public and private investment. In addition of the Galician and Spanish Governments, in this program are participating more than 30 among technological companies and research centres.

Speakers Include:
Javier Barcala,  Indra.
Abelardo Nimo Silva , GAIN.
David Perez Piñar, Babcock.