Tony Lee | Chief of Operations Engineering
MTR Corporation | Hong Kong

Tony Lee, Chief of Operations Engineering, MTR Corporation

Ir Dr Lee Kar Yun is currently the Chief of Operations Engineering responsible for directing all engineering services in enhancing asset worth to business and ensuring asset management and renewal meeting safety, business and customer requirements.  He has over 29 years of railway systems maintenance, design and engineering experiences, and is also an active railway system researcher, particularly on condition-based monitoring of equipment. He is now the Co-investigator of the "Smart Railway Sensor Networks" research project run by the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and holds few Patents on fiber optic sensors inventions for railway applications.  He is specialized in Life-Cycle Asset Management, Systems & Operation Assurance, and Smart Railway Development.  He possesses EngD, MPhil, CEng, MIET, MHKIE, AP(HK).


TECHX Day 2 @ 11:30

Roundtable 5: Digital railway of the future: Adopting the latest technologies in rail systems


TECHX Day 2 @ 13:40

Foresighted Asset Management - System to Algorithm

  • How can AI be effectively deployed in managing complex asset maintenance schedules
  • How MTR is using cloud computing, IoT, AI and smart sensor technology to improve operational efficiency
  • Key takeaways for other metros considering implementing AI on their own systems?

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