Simon Daum | Head of Digital Agenda
Deutsche Bahn AG | Germany

Simon Daum, Head of Digital Agenda, Deutsche Bahn AG

Simon is Deutsche Bahn's Head of Digital Agenda. He reports to the group CDO and is in charge of transforming the classic business, Deutsche Bahn is active in. Deutsche Bahn is one of the leading mobility and logistics companies worldwide. Apart from its dominant position within Germany, the group is active around the world with brands as DB Schenker and DB Arriva.


TECHX Day 1 @ 16:00

Solving the "last mile" problem with driverless buses: A case study on Deutsche Bahn

  • How can driverless vehicles facilitate connections to train stations?
  • What are the limitations in the implementation of autonomous technology?
  • Lessons learnt from the test cases – What challenges have to be overcome before a wider roll-out? 

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