Kevin Lim | Co-Founder
Fresh Turf | Singapore

Kevin Lim, Co-Founder, Fresh Turf

Kevin oversees the overall product development and customer development at Fresh Turf. Fresh Turf is a Singapore-based startup that is working to tackle the challenges with last-mile fulfillment in retail logistics.We are working towards our vision of establishing a greater distribution point network as the basis to provide logistics providers a competitive marketplace - in line with the macroeconomic shift towards a sharing economy. Building a distributed ledger platform prototype from the ground up together, specifically designed to manage commerce transactions between merchants, logistic vendors, locker operators, and consumers. To record, manage and synchronize transactions (and data) between stakeholders.


TECHX Day 1 @ 16:00

Blockchain meets supply chain: Why?

  • How does blockchain bring greater transparency and efficiency to the supply chain?
  • Could blockchain help resolve some of the problems encountered in supply chain?
  • How will blockchain shape the future of supply chain?

TECHX Day 1 @ 16:20

How blockchain is going to benefit the logistics industry

  • How could blockchain technology offer increased operational transparency and efficiency? 
  • Will blockchain become a new operating system for supply chain operating networks? 
  • ‘What if it’s hacked?’: Concerns about the scale of information potentially stored on blockchains, and how to enhance privacy and security 
  • What are the unique challenges and what must be done to move the blockchain in logistics forward?

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