Juan Pavez Spencer | Chief Operations Officer, Lazada Philippines
Lazada Group | Malaysia

Juan Pavez Spencer, Chief Operations Officer, Lazada Philippines, Lazada Group

Juan PAVEZ SPENCER is the SVP Head of Logistics Strategy at the Lazada Group. Prior to Lazada, he has been conducting several supply chain and logistics related projects as a specialized operations consultant in Paris, since 2007. He has been awarded MSc Global Supply Chain Management diploma from world renowned ISLI Institute back in 2006, certified APICS CPIM professional in 2009 and Black Belt Lean Six Sigma since 2012. He will explain the challenges of deploying IoT within e-commerce fulfillment operations across Lazada South-Est Asian network.


TECHX Day 2 @ 14:00

Driving automation in e-commerce logistics

For e-commerce companies, integrating the entire logistics operations into a new automation ecosystem is essential if they are to leapfrog the competition that is heating up by the day. 
  • In which part of the logistics operation that automation works best?
  • Steps to a successful implementation of automated technologies
  • Collecting and analysing data
  • Defining system architecture
  • Managing transition strategies from old to new systems
  • Challenges and lessons learned

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