Smarter and more efficient energy, and increased profitability. Join us for 2 days of exciting content as we explore how IoT, AI, robotics, data, blockchain and 3D technology are enabling utilities to innovate their business models, allowing them to reduce costs, increase profitability and still deliver customer satisfaction.


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UTILITIESTECHX, Wednesday 6 September 2017



Chair’s Opening Remarks


Guest of Honour's Opening Remarks

Aric Dromi

A digitally-enabled autonomous future: How technology will change the way we think and work

Julie Olszewski

Making sense of data analytics: How big data is transforming R&D and manufacturing


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Panel discussion

Smart City Leaders Panel From blueprint to scale: What does it take to be a smart city?

With smart city plans being announced across the world, we bring together some of the world’s leading success stories, to share how they have built their smart cities.
  • What do we really mean by a smart city? Just how smart can we go?
  • What works, what doesn’t, and why? What are your biggest challenges and how are you solving them?
  • How to engage key stakeholders for successful smart city pilot programmes
  • Power of the people: How can we engage our citizens and what role should they play? 

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Wilson Ang

Discovery of data centre anomalies through Artificial Intelligence: A case study in utility

The amount of energy consumed by big data centres has always been a headache for large enterprises. IMDA is having a solution to this problem using AI to manage power usage. The AI works out the most efficient methods of cooling by analysing data from sensors among the server racks, including information on things like temperatures and pump speeds.
  • The challenge of collecting data from thousands of sensors within the data centre
  • How to use the data to train the machine learning systems
  • Each data centre has a unique architecture and environment. How to create an efficient and adaptive framework to understand each data centre’s dynamics?
  • What other challenges have you faced and what have you learned?

Artificial intelligence: Shaping the next wave in the utility industry

  • Adopting AI to accurately estimate electricity demand by drawing on big data
  • How can AI help to improve process efficiencies?
  • Is the power utilities industry primed for widespread use of AI?

Using AI for solar home systems

  • Using a AI-powered power management systems to learn a customer’s typical power usage pattern and adjusting light brightness to meet expected demands
  • How does the technology encourage users to switch to solar power?
  • How does the model allow user to progressively expand their solar power systems?

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Wai Kin Leung

Big Data Analytics – Big Challenges or Opportunities for Utilities?

  • Where are big data and why does big data analytics matter to utilities?
  • What opportunities does big data analytics bring to utilities?
  • How do utilities get started with big data analytics?
  • What should utilities watch out for along the journey?
Gavin Barfield

Unlocking the value of smart meter data

  • What benefits does smart meter data bring to utilities and their consumers?
  • Making your smart meter data work for you
  • What challenges are encountered in scaling smart meter management systems to meet the exponentially increasing data captured?
Valentine Gandhi

The role of analytics in intelligent water management

  • Integrating real-time information on water resources
  • Using geospatial asset management system maps to locate water incidents
  • Providing response teams with accurate information and route guidance

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UTILITIESTECHX, Thursday 7 September 2017



Chair’s opening remarks

Hiroshi Saijou

Moving beyond traditional manufacturing businesses: Building the future of Yamaha Motor

Hiroshi Saijou, CEO and Managing Director, Yamaha Motor Ventures and Laboratory Silicon Valley
Partha Dutta

It all starts with data: How can you make yours work for you?

Data are useful only if they can be used to support enterprise decisions and solve business problems. But in reality, a lot of the data are not fully utilised in organisations. With lots of noise and concerns over the quality of data, sifting through the data to extract valuable information has remained a major challenge. There is also an infinite number of ways in which the data can be combined, compared and analysed to extract useful patterns and business insights. So, how do major organisations use data and analytics to inform strategic and operational decisions? This closing keynote provides insights into the key considerations for large multinational enterprises to manage data and build analytics capability. 
Partha Dutta, Principal Adviser – Analytics Data Intelligence and Insights (DI&I), Rio Tinto

Industry 4.0: Disruptive technologies that will change your business and how you can stay ahead of the curve

Technologies including IoT, AI, 3D and robotics are transforming industry. It’s an unstoppable phenomenon and no industry will be immune. So how can you unlock the potential of this technology for your business? Join us for this exciting keynote session to learn how you can establish a foundation to integrate new technology into your business and what opportunities it will create for you. Built on a series of use case examples, this is one session not to be missed.

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Veiverne Yuen

Roundtable Discussion Session

Now’s your chance to get really interactive, simply pick a table and join the debate. Each table will run for two iterations, giving you the chance to enjoy two roundtables.

Roundtable 1: Things I wish I knew about integrating robotics in logistics
Roundtable 2: What is blockchain and how is it going to benefit the logistics industry
Roundtable 3: Connected logistics: How IoT, cloud and analytics are the key drivers

Roundtable 4: Autonomous vehicles – potential game changer for urban mobility
Roundtable 5: Big data in improving passenger journeys 
Roundtable 6: Securing your transport systems

Roundtable 7: IoT & data in factory: Where are we now?
Roundtable 8: Upgrading existing facilities: Robotics & automation in Asia factory
Roundtable 9: Big data & analytics roles in modern manufacturing

Resources & Utilities:
Roundtable 10: Embracing robotics & drones in resources industry
Claus Nehmzow, Digital Innovation Organisation, BP, Singapore
Roundtable 11: Building a smarter grid with IoT 
Roundtable 12: Improving utilities performance with IoT and data analytics
Jitendra Nalwaya, Additional Vice President, BSES Yamuna Power Limited, India

Roundtable 13: A journey towards a Smart City 
Roundtable 14: Smart Buildings: How can IoT add value?

Financing & implementation
Roundtable 15: Addressing key considerations in financing start-ups in Asia
Veiverne Yuen, Co-Founder and Managing Director, tryb Capital, Singapore
Roundtable 16: Building innovative organisation culture in Asia
Vegard Aas, Head of Innovation, Telenor Group, Singapore

Vegard Aas, Head of Innovation, Telenor Group

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Mathias Steck

Drones for monitoring wind and solar farms

  • Has the use of drones lead to significant O&M savings?
  • How can drones complement current wind turbine O&M practices?
  • Are drones on the way to becoming the key surveying and O&M instrument of the future?
Teong Beng Koay

Using robotic swans for water monitoring

  •  How do robotic swans help water authorities to navigate the logistical challenge of physically collecting samples from huge bodies of water?
  • Tapping the potential of the system to adapt to various environmental challenges
Sanil Namboodiripad

The Drone Inspector: Using drone technology for inspecting electricity and gas infrastructure

  • Using safety drones to monitor electric infrastructure in hard-to-reach areas
  • What safety benefits does it yield for employees?
  • What other tasks could these drones take on, to further improve safety and reliability?

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René Savelsberg

What does the future hold for blockchain in utilities?

  • Will we see wider adoption of blockchain among energy providers?
  • How will energy providers rethink energy market transactions and discover untapped opportunities?
  • What factors will facilitate/hinder customer adoption?
Carsten Stoecker

Blockchain Car Charging

  • Experimenting with electric car charging stations using blockchain tech to authenticate users and manage billing process
  • Achieving cost savings through micro-transactions and deploying electricity more efficiently
  • Overcoming regulatory requirements to make this a reality 
Carsten Stoecker, Strategic Advisor, Share&Charge

Blockchain as an enabler of the peer-to-peer energy exchange

  • What are the real applications of blockchain technology for utility companies – smart metering, appliances, micro-grid and grid monitoring?
  • Managing transactions across a microgrid through blockchain energy
  • Managing cyber security concerns



The impact of IoT on utility asset management and efficiency

  • How can smart grids help to deliver power more efficiently, reduce emissions and management costs?
  • IoT as an enabler to connect all utility assets – how does this help to increase productivity?
  • How can IoT help utilities to create value from customer data?
Jo-Ann Pass

"Connected Utility" A case study on Sydney Water

  • Tracking water quality, temperature, consumption & other metrics with smart water sensors
  • Applying data mining to improve on the accuracy and usability of event detection and source-tracing
Santadyuti Samanta

Leveraging IoT in driving smart grid innovation

  • How can smart grids help to deliver power more efficiently, reduce emissions and management costs?
  • IoT as an enabler to connect all utility assets – how does this help to increase productivity?
  • How can IoT help utilities to create value from customer data?
Santadyuti Samanta, Additional GM, IT – SAP Comp. Centre, Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited

Close of TECHX 2017

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