Automation, sensors and data driving transformation in road, rail, air and sea. Join us for 2 days of exciting content as we explore how IoT, robotics, AI, GPS, data and 3D technology are changing the face of transport as we know it, offering an automated, intuitive and driverless future.


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TRANSPORTTECHX, Wednesday 6 September 2017



Chair’s Opening Remarks


Guest of Honour's Opening Remarks

Aric Dromi

A digitally-enabled autonomous future: How technology will change the way we think and work

Julie Olszewski

Making sense of data analytics: How big data is transforming R&D and manufacturing


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Panel discussion

Smart City Leaders Panel From blueprint to scale: What does it take to be a smart city?

With smart city plans being announced across the world, we bring together some of the world’s leading success stories, to share how they have built their smart cities.
  • What do we really mean by a smart city? Just how smart can we go?
  • What works, what doesn’t, and why? What are your biggest challenges and how are you solving them?
  • How to engage key stakeholders for successful smart city pilot programmes
  • Power of the people: How can we engage our citizens and what role should they play? 

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Chris Leck

Singapore's vision for Autonomous Vehicle Deployment

  • What fundamental changes in urban mobility will the arrival of driverless AV present?
  • How can public authorities take an active role in the roll-out of AVs to ensure their shared use?
  • What are the regulations needed to integrate AVs into the mobility eco-system?
Simon Daum

Solving the "last mile" problem with driverless buses: A case study on Deutsche Bahn

  • How can driverless vehicles facilitate connections to train stations?
  • What are the limitations in the implementation of autonomous technology?
  • Lessons learnt from the test cases – What challenges have to be overcome before a wider roll-out? 
Mark Cameron

Designing the world's first full-scale autonomous truck platooning operations: The Scania Journey

  • What is the current status of the truck platooning trial?
  • How will autonomous truck platooning technology boost productivity in the trucking industry?
  • How will such technology significantly decrease the environmental impact of transport?

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Marcelo Ang

Launching driverless cars on public roads

  • What is the current state of the vehicles’ self-driving capabilities?
  • What are the plans to develop more sophisticated demonstrations of autonomous Mobility-on-Demand (MoD) transportation services?
  • How will driverless cars shape the mobility landscape of urban cities?

Ensuring high standards of safety and reliability in autonomous vehicles

  • How can testing schedules be designed to ensure ultimate safety?
  • Striking a balance between cost efficiency of safety and validation testing
Larissa Tan

Hypercar and beyond: A Singapore case study

  • Current state of vehicle design and manufacturing in Singapore and the rest of Asia
  • What is Vanda Electrics' plan beyond the latest hypercar?
  • Exploring the possibility of expanding into autonomous/connected cars
Larissa Tan, CEO, Vanda Electrics

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TRANSPORTTECHX, Thursday 7 September 2017



Chair’s opening remarks

Hiroshi Saijou

Moving beyond traditional manufacturing businesses: Building the future of Yamaha Motor

Hiroshi Saijou, CEO and Managing Director, Yamaha Motor Ventures and Laboratory Silicon Valley
Partha Dutta

It all starts with data: How can you make yours work for you?

Data are useful only if they can be used to support enterprise decisions and solve business problems. But in reality, a lot of the data are not fully utilised in organisations. With lots of noise and concerns over the quality of data, sifting through the data to extract valuable information has remained a major challenge. There is also an infinite number of ways in which the data can be combined, compared and analysed to extract useful patterns and business insights. So, how do major organisations use data and analytics to inform strategic and operational decisions? This closing keynote provides insights into the key considerations for large multinational enterprises to manage data and build analytics capability. 
Partha Dutta, Principal Adviser – Analytics Data Intelligence and Insights (DI&I), Rio Tinto

Industry 4.0: Disruptive technologies that will change your business and how you can stay ahead of the curve

Technologies including IoT, AI, 3D and robotics are transforming industry. It’s an unstoppable phenomenon and no industry will be immune. So how can you unlock the potential of this technology for your business? Join us for this exciting keynote session to learn how you can establish a foundation to integrate new technology into your business and what opportunities it will create for you. Built on a series of use case examples, this is one session not to be missed.

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Veiverne Yuen

Roundtable Discussion Session

Now’s your chance to get really interactive, simply pick a table and join the debate. Each table will run for two iterations, giving you the chance to enjoy two roundtables.

Roundtable 1: Things I wish I knew about integrating robotics in logistics
Roundtable 2: What is blockchain and how is it going to benefit the logistics industry
Roundtable 3: Connected logistics: How IoT, cloud and analytics are the key drivers

Roundtable 4: Autonomous vehicles – potential game changer for urban mobility
Roundtable 5: Big data in improving passenger journeys 
Roundtable 6: Securing your transport systems

Roundtable 7: IoT & data in factory: Where are we now?
Roundtable 8: Upgrading existing facilities: Robotics & automation in Asia factory
Roundtable 9: Big data & analytics roles in modern manufacturing

Resources & Utilities:
Roundtable 10: Embracing robotics & drones in resources industry
Claus Nehmzow, Digital Innovation Organisation, BP, Singapore
Roundtable 11: Building a smarter grid with IoT 
Roundtable 12: Improving utilities performance with IoT and data analytics
Jitendra Nalwaya, Additional Vice President, BSES Yamuna Power Limited, India

Roundtable 13: A journey towards a Smart City 
Roundtable 14: Smart Buildings: How can IoT add value?

Financing & implementation
Roundtable 15: Addressing key considerations in financing start-ups in Asia
Veiverne Yuen, Co-Founder and Managing Director, tryb Capital, Singapore
Roundtable 16: Building innovative organisation culture in Asia
Vegard Aas, Head of Innovation, Telenor Group, Singapore

Vegard Aas, Head of Innovation, Telenor Group

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Tony Lee

Foresighted Asset Management - System to Algorithm

  • How can AI be effectively deployed in managing complex asset maintenance schedules
  • How MTR is using cloud computing, IoT, AI and smart sensor technology to improve operational efficiency
  • Key takeaways for other metros considering implementing AI on their own systems?
Swara Desai

Predicting taxi availability with machine learning

  • How is Grab using machine learning to cut down waiting time for a taxi?
  • Building models for predicting taxi availability to improve matching on the platform

Enhancing journey planning with machine learning

  • Adopting scientific algorithms and real-time processing of traffic situations to predict journey durations accurately
  • How can machine learning help to customise and improve the user experience?

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Sascha Westermann

Developing a holistic Intermodal Traffic Management System: The ITS strategy of Hamburg

  • The fields of action of a holistic ITS Strategy
  • Preparing passenger and freight transport for the future
  • Effective measures to promote public transport including MaaS
  • How can the implementation of sensors help in intermodal traffic management?
Ravinder (Ravi) Pal Singh

Taking flight into a ‘connected future’ – How will IoT transform air travel

  • What role does IoT play in delivering a more connected and seamless experience to travellers?
  • Getting the architecture for IoT implementation
  • Overcoming challenges - How can the airline industry integrate IoT with legacy systems?

Using predictive maintenance to improve operational efficiency

  • Diagnosing potential faults in engines with sensors
  • Analysing data collected to detect any operational anomalies or signs of developing faults
  • How is the application of IoT expected to boost operational efficiency for transport operators?


Hidehisa Matsumoto

Improving passenger experience through the smart airport strategy

  •     Using IT to facilitate seamless end-to-end passenger journeys
  •     How can data sharing/data analytics be a key enabler of productivity improvement?
  •     Development of mobile apps to provide real-time information for passengers and staff 
Ruben Morales

Protecting your data: How to develop a robust cybersecurity strategy in Aviation

The five major international aviation organizations have identified the possibilities of cyber-attacks against aircrafts, Air Traffic Control, Airports and other critical aviation infrastructure. The potential for unlawful interference, unsafe situations or even loss of life is there.
Learn how to develop a robust cyber security strategy and protect your data and operations.

Applying predictive analytics for real-time public transport incident management

  • Using data-driven analytic models that provide insights to mitigate the anticipated impact
  • Multi-agency collaboration to give transport operators a complete visibility of commuters’ travel patterns

Close of TECHX 2017

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