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LOGISTICSTECHX, Wednesday 6 September 2017



Organiser’s Opening Remarks

Sharon Roessen, Managing Director, Terrapinn Asia
Dorte Bech Vizard

Guest of Honour's Opening Remarks

Aric Dromi

A digitally-enabled autonomous future: How technology will change the way we think and work

Julie Olszewski

Making sense of data analytics: How big data is transforming healthcare, R&D and manufacturing

The healthcare industry is facing a multitude of challenges. New diseases are emerging daily, and they are no longer confined by geographical boundaries. The rapidly aging population is also another cause for concern especially in Asia. However, the cure to today’s healthcare challenges no longer rests only on the shoulders of healthcare practitioners. Keynote speaker, Julie Olszewski, shares insights into the trends of the healthcare industry. She will touch on the challenges of today’s healthcare industry and how big data and analytics are key to overcoming them. Delegates will also gain an understanding of how different sectors can leverage data to improve patient care, medical manufacturing, clinical trials, and disease prevention.

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Panel discussion

Smart City Leaders Panel From blueprint to scale: What does it take to be a smart city?

With smart city plans being announced across the world, we bring together some of the world’s leading success stories, to share how they have built their smart cities.
  • What do we really mean by a smart city? Just how smart can we go?
  • What works, what doesn’t, and why? What are your biggest challenges and how are you solving them?
  • How to engage key stakeholders for successful smart city pilot programmes
  • Power of the people: How can we engage our citizens and what role should they play? 

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Indranil Sen

Chairperson's opening remarks

Eric Sim

How robots and autonomous vehicles are changing the warehouse operations

At ST Logistics’ warehouse in Singapore, you may spot driverless vehicles and robotics whizzing around the 100,000 sq ft space to pack and pick up goods.
  • Leveraging robotics and autonomous vehicles to improve operational efficiency at warehouse
  • When implementing the technologies, what are the specific challenges that arise in warehouse setups and related storage infrastructure?
  • How do you efficiently plan and control robotic motions for picking and transferring items? How do you ensure safety? 
  • What are ST Logistics’ plans to tap on other emerging technologies?
Timothy Kooi

Collaborative robots in logistics operations

  • Which leading technology trends are enabling robotics solutions in logistics? 
  • How robots and people can work together side by side: Is there a way to go even further and use robotics technology to not merely enhance but actually supplement human performance?
  • What are some of the potential use cases in the near future? 
  • How could robots change the world of logistics in the far future?

What's next for drones in the logistics industry?

  • Will drones be the game-changer in the logistics industry?
  • Addressing legal, logistical and technological issues before drone delivery in the logistics industry can take off
  • How far can drone delivery really go? Will it become the norm?

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Kevin Lim

Blockchain meets supply chain: Why?

  • How does blockchain bring greater transparency and efficiency to the supply chain?
  • Could blockchain help resolve some of the problems encountered in supply chain?
  • How will blockchain shape the future of supply chain?
Panel discussion

How blockchain is going to benefit the logistics industry

  • How could blockchain technology offer increased operational transparency and efficiency? 
  • Will blockchain become a new operating system for supply chain operating networks? 
  • ‘What if it’s hacked?’: Concerns about the scale of information potentially stored on blockchains, and how to enhance privacy and security 
  • What are the unique challenges and what must be done to move the blockchain in logistics forward?

Networking Drinks Reception

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LOGISTICSTECHX, Thursday 7 September 2017



Chair’s opening remarks

Hiroshi Saijou

Moving beyond traditional manufacturing businesses: Building the future of Yamaha Motor

Partha Dutta

An inclusive approach for a Big Data and Analytics strategy

The volume, variety, and velocity (pun intended) with which computational algorithms, tools, platforms, services, etc. are being developed in the Big Data and Analytics space that it can be a challenge for a business to define a robust, if not the best, investment strategy. Making this choice is a business decision as well as a technology decision and one has to consider various granular issues in order to derive a good answer. This presentation will focus on the specific topic of the need for balancing between using existing off-the-shelf solutions and investing in exploratory works that are still in the incubation stage, and where a carefully constructed synergy between the two could achieve best results. A disclaimer is that the points made in this talk are drawn from the speaker’s personal experience of working in multiple industries and not specific to any organisation’s Big Data and Analytics strategy.

Industry 4.0: Disruptive technologies that will change your business and how you can stay ahead of the curve

Technologies including IoT, AI, 3D and robotics are transforming industry. It’s an unstoppable phenomenon and no industry will be immune. So how can you unlock the potential of this technology for your business? Join us for this exciting keynote session to learn how you can establish a foundation to integrate new technology into your business and what opportunities it will create for you. Built on a series of use case examples, this is one session not to be missed.

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Roundtable Discussion Session

round tables

Roundtable 2: What is blockchain and how is it going to benefit the logistics industry


Roundtable 5: Digital railway of the future: Adopting the latest technologies in rail systems


Roundtable 6: IoT & data in factory: Where are we now?


Roundtable 8: Creating a digitalised, customer-centric operating model


Roundtable 10: Addressing key considerations in financing start-ups in Asia


Roundtable 11: Building innovative organisation culture in Asia


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Terry Chan

IoT innovation to eCommerce supply chain ecosystem: Transforming supply chains into supply streams

  • What are the critical elements that organisations need to focus on across an IoT driven e-Commerce ecosystem?
  • What role of IoT has in supporting an organization evolve to have an innovative e-Commerce supply chain eco-system? 
  • What are the differentiation, pain points and future trend of an organization to conduct IoT innovations for e-Commerce supply chain development?
Juan Pavez Spencer

Driving automation in e-commerce logistics

For e-commerce companies, integrating the entire logistics operations into a new automation ecosystem is essential if they are to leapfrog the competition that is heating up by the day. 
  • In which part of the logistics operation that automation works best?
  • Steps to a successful implementation of automated technologies
  • Collecting and analysing data
  • Defining system architecture
  • Managing transition strategies from old to new systems
  • Challenges and lessons learned
Harvinder Singh Banga

Asset management & fleet tracking with IoT

  • Achieving greater visibility of products with multiple sensors placed in packages, pallets, trailers and warehouses
  • Enabling customers to monitor critical shipments in real-time, from pick-up to delivery
  • How can IoT help 3PLs to drive business growth? 

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Panel discussion

Panel: IoT and big data in logistics: Digitising logistics operations in supply chain

  • Applications for analysis of unstructured data in inventory management, forecasting and transportation logistics 
  • Deriving actionable insights through predictive and prescriptive analysis: How can we fully tap into the value that big data can provide?  
  • How quickly can IoT demonstrate ROI?
  • If you could make one radical change in the industry mindset to fully embrace the potential of IoT and big data, what would it be?


Harry Qi

More than a “Cool Tool”: IoT strategy to capitalise on data visibility

  • Overcoming the visibility issue: The application of IoT along with cloud-based GPS and RFID chips to keep track of individual items and their conditions
  • Data crunching: How to manage different types of data (package information, user preferences, geographic mapping, etc.)
  • Making sense of the data: Given the huge amounts and complexities of data that can be involved, real advantage from improved visibility starts with a good understanding of what IoT strategy will work for logistics
Vitaly Mareev

Data science in logistics

  • Important know-hows to use advanced data processing technologies (e.g. AI and Neural Networking) to provide the best service for clients
  • Technology platforms to exchange and manage semi-structured data-flows inside supply chain
  • How to move the supply chain process from reactive to proactive with real-time data?
  • How can the industry advance the use of data analytics beyond its nascent stage?
Samar Singla

Speeding up last-mile delivery with AI

  • Using AI to minimise driving time 
  • Enabling 3PLs to understand how vehicles perform during different routes and to see how they could improve deliveries
  • How can predictive analytics can help 3PLs to streamline the last mile delivery and achieve greater customer satisfaction? 

Close of TECHX 2017

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