Africa’s leading sustainable development show for the green built environment - Sustain & Build Africa 2015

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Innovative themes at Sustain & Build Africa

About the new formats

We’re introducing a new style of event. One that allows attendees to tailor their content. And one that ensures sponsors meet as many relevant attendees as possible.

Don't sit on the sidelines, engage with Heads of utilities in Africa, power producers, municipalities, developers and consulting engineers just to name a few!

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It's different

We speak with you, not at you.

We’ve created an innovative and unique format that takes the chance out of networking, eliminates boring broadcast style presentations and takes place in a fun and vibrant atmosphere.

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Interactive roundtables

A roundtable is by definition “a meeting around a table”. The entire audience will brainstorm, debate and discuss a series of relevant topics and problems.

As a sponsor you can moderate one of these tables. A roundtable is a really powerful forum for you to meet at least 10-20 qualified, self-selected attendees to debate a problem they have, and that you can solve.

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Fishbowl sessions

Fishbowl panels are similar to traditional panels but instead of facing an audience in a row, the participants face each other in a circle whilst the audience forms concentric circles around them. This witnessed conversation on a topic can be very powerful, helping to bring clarity and shared experience to everyone in the room.

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Real keynotes

The keynote speakers include inspirational, visionary or industry leaders. Past keynotes have included: TD Ameritrade, Avis Budget Group and Express Scripts.

As a top-tier sponsor you get to speak alongside the keynotes.

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Balloon debates

A balloon debate is a debate in which a number of speakers attempt to win the approval of an audience. The audience is invited to imagine that the speakers are flying in a hot-air balloon which is sinking and that someone must be thrown out if everyone is not to die.

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Hopsol SA at Sustain & Build Africa 2015
Solar log at Sustain & Build Africa 2015
Rubicon SA at Sustain & Build Africa 2015
Studer Innotec SA at Sustain & Build Africa 2015
Namibia New Energy at Sustain & Build Africa 2015
Shoals Technologies Group at Sustain & Build Africa 2015