Silver Sponsor - Booth J10

Rambus mobile payment solutions offer a single, modular software platform that can enable payment issuers and retailers to safely load and manage cards onto their NFC smartphones and wearables. Our technology adapts to any mobile payments ecosystem – whether card credentials are stored on the device or in the cloud using host card emulation (HCE) – and ensures security through tokenization. With our software, customers can fulfil the role of a token service provider (TSP), securing transactions by removing vulnerable card data from the payment network. 

We will be hosting a live demo showing our solution that brings all paper and plastic onto one platform and allow conversion of value between them (pay with loyalty or credit) plus present analytics.

See our latest innovation, Unified Payments Platform, a software platform for retailers to digitize payment, loyalty, gift cards as well as coupons and receipts. It allows a retailer to launch a Retailer Pay app and check-out in the store using an app.