Roes Decil Anggana, HSSE Compliance & Evaluation Group Head, Pertamina Retail, Indonesia

Roes Decil Anggana at Seamless Asia 2018

Ryan Arrowsmith, CEO Asia, Greater Group, Australia

Ryan Arrowsmith at Seamless Asia 2018

Jackson Aw, Founder, Mighty Jaxx, Singapore

Christophe Bacon, Founder & Managing Partner, Omnistrada, Singapore

Niroshan Balasubramaniam, CEO and Founder, zlick.it, United Kingdom

Niroshan Balasubramaniam at Seamless Asia 2018

Pedro Baliza, Executive Vice President - Marketing, CMG.Asia, Vietnam

Paolo Baltao, EON Banking Group Head, Union Bank, Philippines

Nicolas Bargas, CEO & Co-Founder, Artemis Technologies, Singapore

Subhrajit Basu, Director, Southeast Asia, Singapore, Philippines, Discover Financial Services, India

William Belle, Regional Sales Manager APAC, Rambus, Netherlands

Mehdi Bennani, Regional Sales Director, HPS, United Arab Emirates

Mehdi Bennani at Seamless Asia 2018

Priyanka Bhargav, Associate Director, Consumer Insights and Research/Corporate Communications/PR, Myntra Designs, India

Rakesh Bhatia, Co-Founder, Hektor SG, Singapore

Karma Bhutia, Founder And CEO, iShippo, India

J. Alan Bird, Global Business Development Leader, W3C, United States

J. Alan Bird at Seamless Asia 2018

Henning Biskopsto, CEO & Founder, Go Tasty, Thailand

Ben Bland, South China Correspondent, Financial Times, United Kingdom

Ben Bland at Seamless Asia 2018

Raphael Bouzy, CEO, Datarama, Singapore

Clement Burghart, Director Channel Sales APAC, Emarsys Pte Ltd, Singapore

Ronald Chan, Group Chief Operating Officer, HappyFresh, Indonesia

Terry Chan, Chairman, Hong Kong E-Commerce Supply Chain Association, Hong Kong

Chhaleta Chharoat, Chief Beauty Officer, Roserb, Cambodia

Chhaleta Chharoat at Seamless Asia 2018

Nicolas Chin, CEO, PostCo, Malaysia

Nicolas Chin at Seamless Asia 2018

Ton Chirathivat, Head of Customer Strategy, Central Retail Corporation, Thailand

Ton Chirathivat at Seamless Asia 2018

Shinho Choi, CEO, Beaconyx, Republic Of Korea

Alwyn Chong, Managing Director, Luxasia Pte Ltd, Singapore

Alwyn Chong at Seamless Asia 2018

Neal Cross, Chief Innovation Officer & MD, DBS Bank, Singapore

Neal Cross at Seamless Asia 2018

Rashmi Dalai, Managing Editor And Thought Leadership, The Economist Group, Singapore

Eddi Danusaputro, Chief Executive Officer, Mandiri Capital, Indonesia

Eddi Danusaputro at Seamless Asia 2018

Frank De Witte, Co-Founder, Mimpi Sleep, Indonesia

Bartosz Demczuk, Business Unit Director, Comarch Middle East, United Arab Emirates

Sandeep Deobhakta, Head of Retail Banking, Vietnam Prosperity Bank (VP Bank), Vietnam

Sandeep Deobhakta at Seamless Asia 2018

Justin Dickerson, Vice President & General Manager, Global Financial Services, DataRobot, United States

Justin Dickerson at Seamless Asia 2018

Alin Dobrea, Marketing Manager, Zalora Group, Singapore

Le Anh Dung, Division Director, Payment Department, State Bank of Vietnam, Vietnam

Nimish Dwivedi, Credit Card Business Center Director, F.E. Credit, Vietnam

Swathi Eashwer, Consultant, R3, Singapore

Swathi Eashwer at Seamless Asia 2018

Takeshi Ebihara, Founding General Partner, Rebright Partners, Singapore

Richard Eldridge, Co Founder and Chief Executive Officer, LenddoEFL, Singapore

Richard Eldridge at Seamless Asia 2018

Scott Ellis, Programme Director - Department Stores Expansion, Al Tayer Group, United Arab Emirates

Loic Esselen, General Manager, Ethnicraft Online, Singapore

Michelle Evans, Global Head of Digital Consumer Research, Euromonitor International, United States

Michelle Evans at Seamless Asia 2018

Christine Fellowes, Managing Director, NBC Universal, Singapore

Eve Fong, Ecommerce Manager, Nespresso Malaysia, Malaysia

Jon Ford, Regional Head of Partnership Distribution, Chubb Asia Pacific, Singapore

Michael Fyson, Business Development, Financial Services, Asia Pacific., Stratus Technologies, Australia

Arnab Ganguly, Group Head of Digital and Analytics, Kanmo Retail Group, Indonesia

Mike Ghasemi, Retail, Hospitality and Travel Chief Analyst, Mike Ghasemi Research Pte Ltd, Singapore

Sashien Godakandae, Founder & CEO, Enigmatic Investments, Canada

Raphael Golan, BD Director, Moneynetint Ltd, United Kingdom

Allan Goldring, Head of Acquiring and HICAPS, National Australia Bank, Australia

Ananthakrishnan Gopal, Co-Founder & CTO, Dave.AI, India

Ajey Gore, Group CTO, Go Jek, Indonesia

Jonathon Gould, Regional Managing Director, Global Acceptance, Discover Financial Services, Singapore

Roger Grant, CEO, Personna, Singapore

Sara Grinstead, Chief Innovation Officer, RAK Bank, United Arab Emirates

Sara Grinstead at Seamless Asia 2018

Sahil Gupta, ASEAN Fintech, Transaction Banking Manager, Ernst & Young LLP, Singapore

Hugh Haley, Regional Director - APAC, CLX Communications, Australia

Samuel Hall, Program Director, Rainmaking, Singapore

Samuel Hall at Seamless Asia 2018

Emily Hamilton, Founder, Supernova.xyz, Singapore

JiaJia Han, Product Engineer, Airbnb, United States

Richard Hartung, Director, Transcarta, Singapore

Richard Hartung at Seamless Asia 2018

Avinash Hegde, Cofounder, Supertext, India

Avinash Hegde at Seamless Asia 2018

Maarten Hemmes, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, CarPal, Singapore

Patrick Henzen, General Manager, Famoco SAS, Hong Kong

Patrick Henzen at Seamless Asia 2018

Ian Ho, Regional Managing Director, Shopee, Singapore

Alex Hoang, Head of Product Design, GOSAMA, Vietnam

Li Hongyi, Deputy Director, Product & Engineering Team, GovTech, Singapore

Li Hongyi at Seamless Asia 2018

Jason Hsu, Legislator and Congressman, Legislative Yuan Republic of China, Taiwan

Jason Hsu at Seamless Asia 2018

Ivan Hudyana, Chief Digital Officer, Time International, Indonesia

Ivan Hudyana at Seamless Asia 2018

Angus Hui, Sales Manager, Ausvistas Datapoint Ltd, Hong Kong

Khanh Hwang, Global Head of Mobile, HSBC Retail Banking and Wealth Management, Hong Kong

Khanh Hwang at Seamless Asia 2018

Sandeep Indurkar, Head - Mobile Payments, ICICI Bank Limited, India

Sreeram Iyer, Chief Operating Officer - Institutional Banking, ANZ Banking Group, Singapore

Sreeram Iyer at Seamless Asia 2018

Anand Jain, Cofounder, CleverTap, India

Sumit Jasoria, Managing Director, shop.com.mm, Myanmar

Sumit Jasoria at Seamless Asia 2018

Brad Jones, Chief Executive Officer, Wave Money, Myanmar

Brad Jones at Seamless Asia 2018

Binoo Joseph, Technology Head, Tesco, Singapore

Binoo Joseph at Seamless Asia 2018

David Jou, Founder, Pomelo Thailand, Thailand

Ankur Kanwar, Regional Head, Cash Management Products’, Standard Chartered Bank, Singapore

Ankur Kanwar at Seamless Asia 2018

Edgaras Katinas, Assistant Marketing Manager, Ipay88, Malaysia

Gary Kearns, Executive Vice President, Vocalink Analytics, VocaLink, United States

Usman Khalid, Executive Director and Head, Payments & Mobile Wallets, Standard Chartered Singapore, Singapore

Usman Khalid at Seamless Asia 2018

Tim Kobe, Founder And Chief Executive Officer, Eight Inc, Singapore

Leo Koesmanto, Executive Director- Head of Digital Banking, DBS Indonesia, Indonesia

Leo Koesmanto at Seamless Asia 2018

Ashley Koh, SVP & GM, Send, MatchMove Pay Pte Ltd, Singapore

Anil Konidena, Head of Southeast Asia, Landmark Group, Malaysia

Anil Konidena at Seamless Asia 2018

Malikkhan Kotadia, Co- Founder, Chief Mentor & CEO, Finlab, Singapore

Malikkhan Kotadia at Seamless Asia 2018

Rohit Kumar, Group CEO, Rosebay Consulting, Indonesia

Amit Kurseja, Head of External Payments, Amazon Pay, India

Jason Lafolla, Head of Fulfillment Center Technology & Innovation, RedMart, Singapore

Jason Lafolla at Seamless Asia 2018

Steve Landman, CEO, KIU GLOBAL, United States

Steve Landman at Seamless Asia 2018

Salisa Landy, Vice President of Regional Marketing and Retail, Pomelo, Thailand

Ryan Lawrence, Business Analyst, Salad Stop!, Singapore

Hanh Le, Managing Director, Vascara Co., Ltd, Vietnam

Hanh Le at Seamless Asia 2018

Scott Leaw, Regional eCommerce Director, Shiseido Asia Pacific, Hong Kong

Isaiah Lee, VP, Global Acceptance, Asia Pacific, Discover Financial Services, Singapore

David Lee, Digital Commerce Senior Consultant, Singapore Institute of Retail Studies (SIRS), Singapore

Duke Lee, CTO and Head of International Business, Fin2B, Republic Of Korea

Chun Chuan LeeYau, Pinch Design Pte Ltd, Singapore

Gen Lehn, Regional Business Development Director, INDO+SUISSE, Singapore

Gen Lehn at Seamless Asia 2018

Jianggan Li, Director, Momentum Works, Singapore

Elvin Li, Head of Product & late Co-Founder, Botbot.AI, Singapore

Gustav Liblik, Partner & CPO, Change, Singapore

Gerald Lim, Director of Digital Business, Minor International Public Co, Thailand

Gerald Lim at Seamless Asia 2018

Yvonne Lim, Consultant, Code M, United States

Allen Lin, CEO, Trakomatic, Singapore

William Lo, Vice Chairman, Kidsland International Holdings Limited, Hong Kong

Edmund Lou, Head Of Strategy, Kingdom Digital, Malaysia

Mireya Lumbreras de Mazarredo, Chief Marketing Officer, OPI Digital Group, Indonesia

Worachat Luxkanalode, SVP, Head of Consumer Digital Solutions, Bank of Ayudhya Public Company Limited, Thailand

Worachat Luxkanalode at Seamless Asia 2018

Frank Maduri, VP Business Development, Rambus, Canada

Thanawat Malabuppha, Chief Executive Officer and Co Founder, Priceza Co., Ltd, Thailand

Sandeep Malhotra, Senior Vice President, ACH Payments, MasterCard, United States

Dennis McNulty, Head of Payments, Hello Fresh, United Kingdom

Dennis McNulty at Seamless Asia 2018

Barry Meiklejohn, Head of Marketing, Tailwind, United Kingdom

Krishnan Menon, CEO, Fabelio, Indonesia

Masaya Mori, Executive Director, Global Head of Rakuten Institute of Technology, Rakuten, Inc., Japan

Sirida Nagadatta, Managing Director, Tropical Fruits Fusion, Thailand

Shailesh Naik, Chief Executive Officer, MatchMove.com, Singapore

Rajan S Narayan, Senior Vice President, Managing Director Asia Pacific, BPC Banking Technologies (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd, Singapore

Rajan S Narayan at Seamless Asia 2018

Max Ng, Associate Director, AsiaPay, Singapore

Nicole Nguyen, Head of Marketing, Infinity Blockchain Labs, Vietnam

Nicole Nguyen at Seamless Asia 2018

Cindy Nguyen, CEO & Co-Founder, Regit, Singapore

Achmad Nusjirwan Sugondo, Senior Vice President, Bank BTPN, Indonesia

Achmad Nusjirwan Sugondo at Seamless Asia 2018

Nyein Chan Soe Win, Executive Director, BOD Tech Ventures, Myanmar

Nyein Chan Soe Win at Seamless Asia 2018

Megan Ong, Director, Singapore Institute of Retail Studies, Singapore

Megan Ong at Seamless Asia 2018

Judy Ou, Special Assistant to Presidents, BAORUH Electronic Co., Ltd., Taiwan

Judy Ou at Seamless Asia 2018

Jan Oudeman, Founder & CEO, Grivy, Indonesia

Jan Oudeman at Seamless Asia 2018

Jeffrey Paine, Managing Partner, Golden Gate Ventures, Singapore

Jeffrey Paine at Seamless Asia 2018

Nitin Palande, SVP, Global Business Operations, MatchMove Pay Pte Ltd, Singapore

Abhishant Pant, Founder, Cashless Journey, India

Abhishant Pant at Seamless Asia 2018

Sampo Parkkinen, CEO, Revieve

Bhavin Patel, Group Omnichannel Director, Kanmo Retail Group, Indonesia

Bhavin Patel at Seamless Asia 2018

Jose Victor Paterno, President and CEO, 7-Eleven Philippines, Philippines

Jose Victor Paterno at Seamless Asia 2018

Rinat Perry, Co-founder Style Recommendation Engine, StyleClueless, Singapore

Sriram PH, Co-Founder, Dave.AI, India

Naphongthawat Phothikit, Director of Payment Systems Policy Department, Bank of Thailand, Thailand

Naphongthawat Phothikit at Seamless Asia 2018

Akarin Phureesitr, EVP – Head of Corporate Learning & Development, Central Group, Thailand

Akarin Phureesitr at Seamless Asia 2018

Tana Pothikamjorn, Senior Vice President and Head of Digital Banking, Siam Commercial Bank, Thailand

Andrew Quan, Head of Product, Littlepay, Australia

Andrew Quan at Seamless Asia 2018

Varun Rai, Director, Business Development, Specialties, Shell, United Arab Emirates

Sherill Ramos Quintana, CEO/Founding President, Oryspa Spa Solutions Inc., Philippines

Waheed Rathore, Chief Compliance Officer, Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, United Arab Emirates

Waheed Rathore at Seamless Asia 2018

Gary Repchuk, Managing Consultant, VeritasPay Inc, Philippines

Gary Repchuk, Managing Consultant, VeritasPay Inc, Philippines

Senior Representative, Jumper.ai, Singapore

Senior Representative at Seamless Asia 2018

Senior Representative, Grab, Singapore

Senior Representative at Seamless Asia 2018

Senior Representative, Shopee, Singapore

Senior Representative at Seamless Asia 2018

Senior Representative, Emarsys Pte Ltd, Singapore

Senior Representative at Seamless Asia 2018

Senior Representative, Shimano (Singapore) Pte Ltd, Singapore

Senior Representative at Seamless Asia 2018

Senior Representative, Rambus, Singapore

Senior Representative at Seamless Asia 2018

Senior Representative, Kinofy, Singapore

Senior Representative at Seamless Asia 2018

Senior Representative, Dodoca, China

Senior Representative at Seamless Asia 2018

Senior Representative, Stripe, United States

Senior Representative at Seamless Asia 2018

Senior Representative, HPS, United Arab Emirates

Senior Representative at Seamless Asia 2018

Piruze Sabuncu, Head of Southeast Asia and Hong Kong, Stripe, Singapore

Abhish Saha, General Manager, MerchantSuite, Premier Technologies Pty Ltd, Australia

Ratikant Sahu, Head, Data & Analytics, UOB, Singapore

Vinod Savio, Executive Creative Director, Toaster Ltd, Singapore

Vinod Savio at Seamless Asia 2018

Sean Seet, Business Development Manager, Edenred SEA, Singapore

Sean Seet at Seamless Asia 2018

Ramkumar Sekar, COO Asia Pacific region, Yalamanchili, Singapore

Leo Shimada, Chief Executive Officer, Crowdo, Singapore

Arif Siddiqui, Chief Information Officer Malaysia & Group CIO Islamic Banking, Standard Chartered Bank Malaysia Berhad, Malaysia

James Sim, Senior Lecturer, Omnichannel Retail Studies, Nanyang Polytechnic, Singapore

James Sim at Seamless Asia 2018

Gurmit Singh, Chief Marketing Officer, Red Dot Payment, Singapore

Gurmit Singh at Seamless Asia 2018

Tejinder Singh, Chief Operating Officer, Arvind Internet Ltd, India

Keith Soh, Business Development Manager, D.H.L. Express Singapore Pte Ltd, Singapore

Keith Soh at Seamless Asia 2018

Chuan Sheng Soong, Singapore General Manager, Klook, Hong Kong

Chuan Sheng Soong at Seamless Asia 2018

David Sopuch, CEO, Avetti Commerce, India

Kumar Srinivasan, CEO, MatchMove India, India

Paul Stoddart, CEO, VocaLink, United Kingdom

Paul Stoddart at Seamless Asia 2018

Thomas Stroo, Co-Founder, Mimpi Sleep, Indonesia

Johann Suchon, Managing Director, China, Hong Kong, SEA, Edenred, Singapore

Hussain Sulaiman, Head of Operations, Zilingo, Singapore

Hussain Sulaiman at Seamless Asia 2018

Wootinun Sung-ong, Founder, CloudCommerce.co, Thailand

Wootinun Sung-ong at Seamless Asia 2018

Kanags Surendran, Managing Director & Head, Digital Banking, C.I.M.B. Bank Bhd, Singapore

Kanags Surendran at Seamless Asia 2018

Sunil Suresh, CMO & Global VP, Strategy, Capillary Tech, United Arab Emirates

Karen Tam, Assistant General Manager of Promotions and Marketing, Harbour City Estates, Hong Kong

Karen Tam at Seamless Asia 2018

Kenneth Tan, HOD, Retail Asia Publishing Pte Ltd, Singapore

Kenneth Tan at Seamless Asia 2018

Patrina Tan, Senior Vice President - Retail, OUE Limited, Singapore

Joshua Tan, Head of Marketing, Style Theory, Singapore

Joshua Tan at Seamless Asia 2018

Ben Tan, Country Chief Executive Officer, Courts Singapore Ltd, Singapore

Peter Tan, Country Sales, Trakomatic, Singapore

Anjana Tandon, Head of Retail Banking, State Bank of India, Singapore

Anjana Tandon at Seamless Asia 2018

Mamerto Tangonan, Chief of Party, USAID/E-PESO Activity, Philippines

Sam Tanskul, Managing Director, Krungsri Finnovate, Thailand

Yosua Tanuwiria, Corporate Head of Social Marketing, Kawan Lama Retail, Indonesia

Elvin Too, Chief Omnichannel Officer and General Manager, FairPrice Online, Singapore

Son Tran, Founder & CEO, TIKI.VN, Vietnam

Giang Tran, Head of Payments, Rocket Internet SE, Germany

Shivam Tripathi, Co-founder, Camboticket, Vietnam

Shivam Tripathi at Seamless Asia 2018

Deepesh Trivedi, Head of Retail and eCommerce, Southeast Asia, Facebook, Singapore

Deepesh Trivedi at Seamless Asia 2018

Verity Turner, Partnership Manager, OPI Digital Group, Indonesia

Jan-Frederik Valentin, SVP, Strategic and Corporate Development, KAYAK, United States

Voravudh Varikarn, Former Senior Vice President, Online Business, C Distribution (Thailand) Co., Ltd., Thailand

Voravudh Varikarn at Seamless Asia 2018

Krishna Vattipalli, CEO, Retainity, India

Krishna Vattipalli at Seamless Asia 2018

Alban Villani, General Manager, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and Taiwan, Criteo, Singapore

Chee Wai, Country CEO, Instarem, Singapore

David Wang, Sales Director, wizarPOS, China

David Watson, Director, Future.Travel, Vietnam

Marcelo Wesseler, Founder, Code M, United States

David Westhead, CEO, APAC, Royal Sporting House, Singapore

David Westhead at Seamless Asia 2018

Mei Wai Wong, Founder and Chief Change Catalyst, APAC Global Advisory, Singapore

Hong Ting Wong, CEO, Botbot.AI, Singapore

Dominicus Wu, Director, Bleu Sea Marketing Pte Ltd, Singapore

Dominicus Wu at Seamless Asia 2018

Yan Yang, Product Manager, Baidu, China

Kelvin Yong, Regional Pre-Sales Consultant, Compass Plus Ltd, Malaysia

Roger Yuen, CEO & Founder, Clozette Pte Ltd, Singapore

Michael Zerelli, Vice President Digital Sales & Director, Gemalto, Australia

Sadou Zhang, CEO, Shenzhen Viewat Technology Co., Ltd, China

Jenny Zhang, Head of Operations, The Dairy Farm Group, Hong Kong

Jack Zhang, CEO & Co-founder, Airwallex, Australia

Kaishen Zhu, Chief Executive Officer, wizarPOS, China



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