Sreeram Iyer | Chief Operating Officer - Institutional Banking
ANZ Banking Group | Singapore

Sreeram Iyer, Chief Operating Officer - Institutional Banking, ANZ Banking Group


Seamless Asia 2018 - Day One @ 11:50

Fireside Chat: How AI can help you stay ahead of cybersecurity threats

  • How AI can help with staffing shortages
  • Using AI and machine learning to identity and respond to malicious activity much quicker
  • Transparency in AI: The importance of visibility into the AI's decision-making process

Seamless Asia 2018 - Day Two @ 13:45

Digital identity and biometrics

  • The impact of evolving consumer technology on the uptake of biometrics
  • Beyond Touch ID: Tapping into voice, iris and cardiac biometrics in the payments process
  • Driving user adoption through consumer education

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