Rinat Perry | Co-founder Style Recommendation Engine
StyleClueless | Singapore

Rinat Perry, Co-founder Style Recommendation Engine, StyleClueless

After acquiring extensive knowledge in the fashion industry, from running her own private label to working at global retail brands. Rinat founded StyleClueless, to bridge between fashion retail and the tech world. StyleClueless is a styling recommendation engine. Based on a proprietary machine learning and fashion rules algorithm, we provide generated outfits taking in regards different styles for every taste. We help retailers drive higher conversions by simplifying the items assortment. StyleClueless takes in consideration the shopper’s style and personal preferences, to create up-selling and cross-selling opportunity taking in regards inventory and sales items. The process helps shoppers, both online and offline, perceive a better understanding on how to wear the item they like.


Seamless Asia 2018 - Day Two @ 12:20

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