Raphael Bouzy | CEO
Datarama | Singapore

Raphael Bouzy, CEO, Datarama

Raphael’s professional career is split between the four cornerstones of Datarama: Data, Rating, Mapping and Consulting. He started his career in London with LSE-listed financial publication group Euromoney, where he was exposed to both the editorial and business development process of various products of the company. 
After moving to Hong Kong in 2006, Raphael was recruited by the Asian arm of a global advocacy group for the financial industry, the Securities Industry and Financial Market Association (ASIFMA). He contributed to the organisation’s advocacy effort to develop the securitisation market in Asia until the project was interrupted by the 2008 financial crisis. Following the collapse of the international capital market, Raphael’s position evolved into a crisis management role where ASIFMA acted as a buffer between international financial institutions and local Asian regulators. 
In 2010, Raphael moved away from the financial industry and joined international risk consulting firm Control Risks as a senior member of the business intelligence team in Singapore. In this role, he oversaw over 200 due diligence and business intelligence projects in a whole range of industries and jurisdictions. He established a strong network of contacts that allows him to obtain first-hand information on virtually any company in Asia. However, the limitations of the traditional risk consulting model soon became obvious in the face of new compliance requirements from MNCs and international financial institutions. Bespoke investigations are simply not a sustainable solution for organisations that need to monitor hundreds of stakeholders. 
Having identified a gap in the market, Raphael left Control Risks and started Datarama. As a co-founder and CEO, he leads a team that is developing a game changing tool for due diligence, KYC, business development and relationships management in emerging markets.

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