Nicolas Lamaury | Managing Director – Asia Pacific
SES-imagotag | France

Nicolas Lamaury, Managing Director – Asia Pacific, SES-imagotag

Nicolas Lamaury joined SES-imagotag in 2005, after working for more than ten years in specialized team coordination in the commercialization of innovative products and solutions with great potential for development. 

Nicolas started his career in 1991 at Prime Computervision, in Hong Kong and Singapore. From that time, he served for nearly seven years Management positions in the following areas: logistics, sales and marketing for the industrial group Saint Gobain. Installed in South Korea and then Norway, in 2000 he joined the Japanese subsidiary of the Group, which was charged with the Sales and Logistics in Asia-Pacific and South America. 

In 2006, Nicolas created the subsidiary of SES-imagotag in Singapore, from where he is developing SES-imagotag activities in the Asia-Pacific area. He speaks seven languages and has degrees from Institute of Management (Paris), the Manhattan Institute of Management (New York) and the Asian Institute of Management University (Tokyo).

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