Matthew Joseph Martin | CEO & Founder
Blossom Finance | Indonesia

Matthew Joseph Martin, CEO & Founder, Blossom Finance

Matthew Joseph Martin is an early pioneer in the application of financial tech for sharia finance. Combining his passion for sharia finance with his deep financial technology background, Matthew founded Blossom in 2014 via the Boost VC incubator program; Blossom aims to increase access to sharia financial products by crowdsourcing investments into profitable microfinance in emerging markets, starting with Indonesia. Matthew is an early advocate for proof-of-ownership and distributed ledger technology like Bitcoin. In 2013, Matthew launched his first bitcoin business allowing instant purchase of bitcoin using just a mobile phone in 27 countries. Matthew is also a founding member of the Islamic Fintech Alliance which seeks to broaden the reach of sharia and social impact financial technology. Matthew’s background includes engineering and product management experience in the remittance, mobile payments, and mobile banking sectors at Xoom, Boku, and Monitise and he has advised technology startups on various topics including blockchain, payment technology, and sharia finance. As an aspiring polyglot, Matthew has studied 8 languages in addition to his native English including Arabic, Persian, and Indonesian. Matthew embraced Islam in 2010 and currently splits his time between Samarinda, Indonesia and San Francisco, California.

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