Karma Bhutia | Founder And CEO
iShippo | India

Karma Bhutia, Founder And CEO, iShippo

iShippo.com is a marketplace, craft and maker community where people from around the world come together to buy, sell and interact. iShippo.com offers a community creative destination that supports local artisans, weavers, clusters, village communities etc. Founded by serial entrepreneur Karma Bhutia in April 2015 iShippo.com strives to become that large online e-commerce platform for artisanal products - an online handcraft marketplace part of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi's “Make In India” initiative.


Seamless Asia 2018 - Day One @ 11:30

Panel: How search marketing for eTailers is changing, and what they need to do to keep up

  • How has Google improved its shopping suite for retailers?
  • Individual product indexing: Why this isn’t practical at scale, and what to do about it
  • Main menu navigation: How to ensure this is SEO-optimised
  • How to ensure product descriptions are up to par

Seamless Asia 2018 - Day One @ 16:00

From drones to autonomous cars: the driverless future of delivery

  • How will the driverless future make supply chains more efficient?
  • Will they reduce delivery costs and drive efficiency?
  • Understanding the evolution of government regulation around no-fly zones
  • How to take your first steps in a drone delivery program

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