Karlo Angelo Alamares | Founder
MyDivisoria.ph |

Karlo Angelo Alamares, Founder, MyDivisoria.ph

Karlo Started his Business Process Outsourcing company at age 27, for 3 years it grew from 10 people to 300 and was considered one of the most successful Filipino-owned BPO companies in the Philippines. After his firm was acquired by a North American internet marketing firm, Karlo ventured into apps and web development. Prior starting his own company, he served as a Customer Service Supervisor for a North American E-commerce company for 3 years. This is where his passion for e-commerce started. By October 2015, he started MyDivisoria.ph, initially buying and selling items on its Facebook Page. As members started applying as resellers, MyDivisoria PH opened its doors to affiliates and started teaching them the how to start their businesses with no or limited capital. MyDivisoria PH grew from a home-based company to a multi-million peso venture with members and customers worldwide.

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