Jonathan E. Chua | CEO
BeamAndGo Pte Ltd | Singapore

Jonathan E. Chua, CEO, BeamAndGo Pte Ltd

Jonathan E. Chua is the CEO of BeamAndGo Pte Ltd, a social impact financial technology company that aims to empower OFWs by providing an alternative form of remittance to support their families’ basic needs in the Philippines. Mr. Chua has over 25 years of experience as a business leader, technologist, and investor. He has been involved in building world class technology platforms for banks, market research firms, technology multinationals, social media startups, eCommerce companies and government agencies. In his free time, Mr. Chua is the CEO of Duration Inc., a commercial software development firm with offices in New York, Singapore and Manila. Recent appearances of Jonathan E. Chua and BeamAndGo in the media include Forbes Asia, Bloomberg Asia TV, The Straits Times, CNN Philippines, and Bloomberg Philippines.

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