Jaime Robayo | Head of Business development
PaySett Corp | United States

Jaime Robayo, Head of Business development, PaySett Corp

Engineer with studies in Business Administration, Marketing and Strategy. Certified Professional and Coach in Business Intelligence and Requirements Engineering with 20+ Years of experience in the Software Business. The last 16 years Jaime Robayo has been dedicated to the Electronic Payments industry, in positions ranging from Software Developer to General Manager; currently, Jaime is Director of Global Business Development for PaySett Corporation, where he has lead product design and customer development in twelve countries where PaySett has active clients including Central Banks, National Payment Switches, Global and Regional Financial Institutions, Government Agencies and Corporations. Jaime has been leading the marketing efforts to spread the word about PaySett's End-to-end Payments Strategy (PEPS) as the most effective way to implement country-wide payment systems, reducing the time to market and the implementation time and costs for member Financial Institutions.

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