Gustav Liblik | Partner & CPO
Change | Singapore

Gustav Liblik, Partner & CPO, Change

Gustav Liblik is a Partner and CPO of Change. He left his role as a CEO at a Singaporean fintech company to launch Change, one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency-enabled consumer finance platforms. Recently Change carried out a community-driven token sale which raised $17.5 million USD through cryptocurrencies, and Gustav is now in charge of product development at Change to deliver their ground-breaking open-API marketplace, complemented by a digital wallet and crypto-enabled banking card.Change is set to simplify finance by creating an ecosystem of financial services, all accessed from one app.


Seamless Asia 2018 - Day One @ 17:00

Cryptocurrency adoption by offline merchants: When and how will this happen?

  • MasterCard & AMEX: How did they become so entrenched?
  • What effect will cryptocurrencies have on the dominance of the payment networks
  • What will it take to get merchants excited about cryptocurrencies?
  • How and when will cryptocurrencies solidly take hold in commerce?

Seamless Asia 2018 - Day One @ 17:20

Panel: Blockchain and the future of clearing and settling in domestic and international payments

  • Analysing the impact of blockchain on domestic and international payments
  • How does blockchain (public or private) solve many of the problems we're seeing?
  • What needs to happen for blockchain to be more impactful in this area?
  • Tackling shortage of blockchain talent

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