George Neo | Business Development Director
BBM | Singapore

George Neo, Business Development Director, BBM

George Neo is the Business Development at BBM, where his responsibilities include driving and formulating strategies, Product Development and Market Development. This includes Mobile Payment, Social Commerce, Social/Messaging Solution and Digital Advertising. George has many years’ experience in Telecommunication, Mobility and Payment industries, involved in both hands-on development, consultative and management roles. Having worked in Companies like Sagem Orga, Safran Group, ViVOtech, Sybase and SAP. George has always been involved in forefront of technology/solution, being involved in the early growth stages of different industries:
- SmartCard (1999)
- Chip Based Loyalty (2001)
- Contactless (2002)
- NFC (2008)
- Mobile Commerce/Mobile Banking (2010)
- OmniChannel Banking/Commerce (2012)
- Social Commerce/Social Ecosystem (2014)

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