David Watson | Director
Future.Travel | Vietnam

David Watson, Director, Future.Travel

Mr David Watson has more than 30 years of retail experience and was a private industry trainer and academic in Australia prior to starting what would become a series of businesses. His efforts lead him to have one of the top 100 fastest growing businesses in Australia for 3 consecutive years prior to his selling the venture to a growth driven supplier. His Australian company was a ‘first adopter’ in Australia of 3D Security for online sales in 2001 with Verified by Visa and SecureCode for Mastercard,.  Today he is heading up Asia based, https://Future.Travel, an online ticketing and hotel room portal specialising in discount airline tickets, low cost hotel rooms, and business travel management services. Having a global sales focus, he has extended the payment acceptance for the firm to include digital transactions via Bitcoin, the use of peer to peer payment systems in real-time transactions, and is an ardent supporter of secure payment systems to minimise risk, speeding up cross border transactions, and to develop new pathways to increased profits for organisations via seamless transaction processes. David is based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and manages payment connections to more than 350 airlines.


Seamless Asia 2018 - Day Two @ 16:10

How to use your conversion rates to increase the sense of urgency and sales on your site

  • What drives your customers to convert?
  • How to discover what the sense of urgency is
  • What is he common factor driving your conversions?
  • How to increase conversions

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