Chhaleta Chharoat | Chief Beauty Officer
Roserb | Cambodia

Chhaleta Chharoat, Chief Beauty Officer, Roserb


Seamless Asia 2018 - Day One @ 16:40

Panel: Putting sustainable speed and cost management at the heart of your home delivery strategy

  • Speed vs cost: Exploring what is important to customers
  • Make the delivery experience come to life in a way that is commercially sustainable
  • Technology for live inventory management
  • Reverse logistics: Factoring in the cost of free returns
  • Free vs paid delivery: How to use free delivery as a loyalty play

Seamless Asia 2018 - Day Two @ 14:05

Purchasing through mobile: The secret to overcoming abandoned baskets

  • Identifying the friction points in your selling system and eliminating them
  • Using Autofill APIs to generate information
  • Registration: A handy way to save data or a killer of impulse buys?

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