Ashutosh Pande | Founder and Chief Innovation Officer
Payse | India

Ashutosh Pande, Founder and Chief Innovation Officer, Payse

Ashutosh Pande, former Chairman and Managing Director, CSR Technology (India) Pvt. Ltd, is currently founder and chief innovation officer at PaySe, an initiative of Nucleus Software Exports Ltd. Ashutosh is a pioneer in mobile telephony. In a career spanning nearly three decades, Ashutosh has worked in various aspects of the mobile ecosystem from chipsets to handsets and mobile network infrastructure. Ashutosh has invented and/or designed and delivered many first in the industry, including the first dual-mode AMPS/GSM mobile phone (1991), first cellular digital packet data (CDPD) radio in 1992,  first cellular simultaneous voice-data modem on mobile (1994), first GPS/cellular tracker (1995), first mobile phone with integrated GPS (2000), first GPS phone for E-911 (2002), first location based service platform (2005) and most recently the first offline P2P secure payment platform, PaySe (2015).
Ashutosh has over 60 patent issued in his name in India, US, EU, Japan, China, Taiwan, Korea and Australia.
Ashutosh, is an advisor to Your Nest Angel Fund in India and has served on the board of Starscriber, US.

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