Aditya Haripurkar | Founder
HitPay | Singapore

Aditya Haripurkar, Founder, HitPay

Aditya Haripurkar is the Founder & CEO of HitPay. HitPay operates a mobile payment wallet app on iOS and Android that allows for seamless p2p and merchant transactions in Singapore. HitPay was launched in Nov 2016 with a vision to facilitate widespread adoption of cashless payments in Singapore with a focus on providing a delightful and simple customer experience. HitPay uses bluetooth low energy technology to provide offline analytics to supported merchants. Aditya has been based in Singapore for the past 9 years. He started his career at Bloomberg in London and subsequently worked at Barclays Capital and The Royal Bank of Scotland in Singapore. Aditya has an extensive background in Economics and Finance and has completed the Masters in Finance program from INSEAD Business School and the CFA Program. His previous studies in London and Sydney has allowed him to have a global outlook. In a career spanning 10 years, Aditya has assumed roles in Investment banking, SME’s, Consulting Companies and Technology Startups. He shares a deep passion for entrepreneurship and big data analytics and is currently working on his third venture.

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