Exhibitor - Booth D19

Connected Screens is an award-winning, patented, breakthrough technology, allowing images and videos to communicate with the connected objects shoppers already carry (prepaid / transport / payment cards, smartphones, smartwatches, e-passports, …)

Screens create engagement with brands and merchants, but the Connected Screens offer an unprecedented opportunity to convert consumers in less than 1 second, in just one tap on screen…

Connected Screens propose to reinvent the way people shop, order services, pay for products, and engage with value added services.

Think&Go is looking forward to working with innovative companies to redefine omnichannel and O2O shopping experience for Asian consumers.

Think&Go will display two full-size Connected Screens kiosks with various screen application catering to retailers, hospitality developers, and media owners: drive-to-store couponing, retailtainment, screen commerce. Connected Screens are a powerful innovation toolbox to innovate with new customer journeys for a true omnichannel experience.
You will get a chance to interact with the Connected Screen by playing our Bonneteau game, and win some goodies!