Track 7: Brick-and-Mortar, Wednesday 19 April 2017


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Martin Newman

Creating a Seamless Customer Experience in a digitally driven multichannel world

  • How to put the customer first in a multichannel world
  • Data opportunities that can drive acquisition, conversation and retention
  • From discovery and acquisition to the check out and beyond
  • Transforming the checkout process with innovative payment methods
  • Moving from transaction to customer engagement
  • How will the customer journey evolve in the coming 24-36 months?
Sandhya Devanathan

Think Small – Winning in a Mobile-First World

•    Assessing the challenges & opportunities of the fragmented shopper journey
•    How has mobile-fueled discovery changed consumers’ expectations of brand interactions?
•    Delivering immersive, expressive, and immediate experiences to customers through mobile 
•    Putting payments at the very heart of immersive mobile customer customer journeys
•    How to create seamless, personalised cross-device experiences
Panel discussion

Retail reimagined: the tools and trends shaping the future of commerce

Less than 5% of global consumer spending happens online today, and yet the impact of internet commerce is already reverberating across the retail industry. As consumer behaviour evolves and mobile continues its meteoric rise, retailers don’t merely have to keep apace, they have to predict the future.

Global commerce platform, Stripe, joins Capitaland and Honestbee to discuss the technology tools that are enabling new commerce experiences and helping brick-and-mortar stores to reinvent themselves for the mobile era.

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Track 7: Brick-and-Mortar

Track chair's remarks

Competing in a Low-Growth Environment

Maria Spinelli
Track 7: Brick-and-Mortar

Using behavioural economics to maximise offline experiences

  • The concept of the handkerchief path and why it’s necessary in retail
  • How store atmospherics can influence decisions
  • How scent and music work to increase sales
  • How to benefit from hedonic bundling
Rajesh Kumar Chakrabarti
Track 7: Brick-and-Mortar

Making private labels work

  • How private labels will refocus the role of retailers from curaters of other people’s products to purveyors of their own
  • What it costs to establish private labels: Are margins really higher?
  • How to manage conflict of interest: How retailers can successfully commercialise private labels without biasing against their other suppliers
Mei Wai Wong
Track 7: Brick-and-Mortar

A guide to overcoming the challenges of cultural nuances when expanding into local markets

  • Why have many international brands failed to successfully launch in Asia?
  • How competitive analysis can help to identify key local market tropes
  • Examining how local nuances might impact on locally available product range
  • How can local partnerships help to achieve a deep level of cultural understanding?

Lunch break

The In-Store Experience

Oliver Woods
Track 7: Brick-and-Mortar

Digitally transforming traditional retail: How small Asian businesses are leapfrogging ahead of major Western firms

  • Integrating digital marketing with the in-store experience
  • Building stores of the future on a shoestring budget
  • Transforming ordinary staff into a digital salesforce using social & mobile
Uma Talreja
Track 7: Brick-and-Mortar

Does the retail sales associate still have a future in the coming world of robotics, VR & mobile payments?

  • Assessing the change in the role of the sales associate in the age of the empowered customer
  • Will coming technological trends undermine or empower the sales staff?
  • Why face to face sales is still an essential component of the customer retail journey
  • Lessons from high-end retail: the value of sales associates as brand ambassadors
Mei Wai Wong

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Paul Stoddart

Instant payments goes global

• Going digital is about survival for banks
• Instant Payments provides the platform for innovation for banks and fintechs
• Transforming the core culture to truly deliver on transformation strategy
• Putting the bank brand back at the heart of payments
Sterling Hawkins

An investors view of the future of commerce innovation

•    How well are technology trends keeping up with consumer trends?
•    Assessing the state of today’s retail industry
•    How can technology solve some of retail’s fundamental challenges?
•    Where is the smart money going: a look at investment from payments to retail technology

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Track 7: Brick-and-Mortar, Thursday 20 April 2017

Morning networking

Hanno Stegmann
Track 7: Brick-and-Mortar

Consolidating the Asian commerce market

•    Assessing the reasons for the failure of global retail and e-commerce businesses to establish a sustainable regional presence
•    The impact of growth dominated mindsets at the expense of profitability
•    Cross border consolidation as barriers to regional entry fall
•    How will short term consolidation impact long term growth opportunities?
Danit Peleg
Track 7: Brick-and-Mortar

The promise of 3D printing in retail

•    How will 3D printing transform how customers access the brands they love
•    A close look at 3D printing clothing and apparel
•    What are the clear implications of 3D printing in the retail industry?
Panel discussion
Track 7: Brick-and-Mortar

What are the roadblocks to fostering increased foreign direct investment?

•    Assessing the failure of early forays by foreign brands into Asian markets
•    Exploring the benefit of foreign direct investment over licensing approaches
•    The value of a “culture-centric” approach to foreign expansion
•    How omnichannel can hold the key to foreign brand success abroad

Morning break

Seamless Retail Roundtables

Track 7: Brick-and-Mortar

Click-and-collect and the future of convenience-focused omni-channel.

Track 7: Brick-and-Mortar

How are specialty shops impacting mass-market stores?

Track 7: Brick-and-Mortar

How to apply analytics to transform assortment optimisation.

Track 7: Brick-and-Mortar

How will digital impact the future of in-store signage?

Track 7: Brick-and-Mortar

Technology last: why business structure, talent and advocacy is at the heart of building omnichannel capability.

Track 7: Brick-and-Mortar

The art of context: harnessing mobile & social to engage, sell and retain.

Track 7: Brick-and-Mortar

What retailers need to know to succeed in the duty free space.

Track 7: Brick-and-Mortar

Track chair's remarks

Tenant Management

Jaime Syjuco
Track 7: Brick-and-Mortar

Future proof: How to use technology to build stores that can adapt to the future

  • Transforming retail from brick-and-mortar offline stores to mobile & online enabled omnichannel stores
  • Utilize your data and artificial intelligence to build a smart store
  • Building digital communications into the fabric of modern stores for dynamic information delivery to customers
Takeshi Umiyama
Track 7: Brick-and-Mortar

Making offline interesting: Giving people a reason to come to your store

  • How does Owndays keep people coming to its stores?
  • How do you make the store experience seamless for your customers?
  • What role does online play for Owndays? Do people buy glasses online?
Panel discussion
Track 7: Brick-and-Mortar

Assessing the return on investment in digital tenant services

•    Should digital services be included as standard within tenant agreements?
•    How can you best demonstrate the value of participation to tenants?
•    From digital signage to loyalty programmes: what are the best digital services to be serving to tenants?
•    Leveraging additional digital services as a loyalty bonus to high performing tenants

Lunch break

Smart Malls

Ervin Yeo
Track 7: Brick-and-Mortar

From the ground up: A digital first approach to the malls of tomorrow

  • Transforming malls into all-encompassing entertainment centres to drive footfall and encourage loyalty
  • Tapping into the consumer mobile device with real time features and offers
  • How to best implement next generation features from interactive maps to AR technology
  • Implementing location-sensitive technology to enable localised and personalised promotions
Ervin Yeo
Track 7: Brick-and-Mortar

Q&A: Mall wide loyalty programmes and the power of data driven consumer reporting

  • What do you do with tenants who are holdouts and don’t want to be a part of your loyalty programme?
  • What do you do when you have situations where your tenants have their own loyalty programmes? What happens if they clash?
  • Understanding who owns the data and who has the right to contact the consumer
Wai Kuan Wong
Track 7: Brick-and-Mortar

From pop-up stores to retail theatre – assessing the future of the retail space

•    Why is retail still growing despite the rise of e-commerce services?
•    Meeting the customer need for unique, personal, physical retail experiences
•    Pop-up stores and the future of segment targeted retail spaces
•    What can regular high-street retailers learn from high end concept store design?

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