Track 6: Omni-Channel, Wednesday 19 April 2017


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Martin Newman

Creating a Seamless Customer Experience in a digitally driven multichannel world

  • How to put the customer first in a multichannel world
  • Data opportunities that can drive acquisition, conversation and retention
  • From discovery and acquisition to the check out and beyond
  • Transforming the checkout process with innovative payment methods
  • Moving from transaction to customer engagement
  • How will the customer journey evolve in the coming 24-36 months?
Sandhya Devanathan

Think Small – Winning in a Mobile-First World

•    Assessing the challenges & opportunities of the fragmented shopper journey
•    How has mobile-fueled discovery changed consumers’ expectations of brand interactions?
•    Delivering immersive, expressive, and immediate experiences to customers through mobile 
•    Putting payments at the very heart of immersive mobile customer customer journeys
•    How to create seamless, personalised cross-device experiences
Panel discussion

Retail reimagined: the tools and trends shaping the future of commerce

Less than 5% of global consumer spending happens online today, and yet the impact of internet commerce is already reverberating across the retail industry. As consumer behaviour evolves and mobile continues its meteoric rise, retailers don’t merely have to keep apace, they have to predict the future.

Global commerce platform, Stripe, joins Capitaland and Honestbee to discuss the technology tools that are enabling new commerce experiences and helping brick-and-mortar stores to reinvent themselves for the mobile era.

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Track 6: Omni-Channel

Track chair's remarks

Omni-Channel Inventory Management

Moonshi Mohsenruddin
Track 6: Omni-Channel

Omni-Channel Inventory Management - A Seamless Experience for both Etailers and Shoppers

  • What omni-channel inventory management actually means
  • The challenges of traditional inventory management, and how omni-channel inventory management solutions overcome these challenges
  • How omni-channel inventory management helps improve merchandising cycles
  • How omni-channel inventory management allows the P&Ls of all POS’ to be treated fairly
Ivan Hudyana
Track 6: Omni-Channel

Fast, flexible, affordable: what to consider when selecting an inventory management solution

  • Assessing the fundamental needs that you need your inventory software to solve
  • Ensuring full and easy integration with existing accounting and inventory solutions
  • How to assess and demonstrate return on your inventory management investment
  • Why usability should sit at the heart of your inventory management solution as you scale
  • How can inventory management solutions best support an omnichannel strategy?
Tze Hsien Lim
Track 6: Omni-Channel

Re-designing logistics to fulfil the needs of today’s flex shoppers

  • Rise of ‘Flex Shoppers’ and their demands
  • Understanding the role logistics play in the purchase journey: Pre-purchase, checkout and post-sales
  • How to use data to balance cost and customer satisfaction
  • Adopting the new logistics reality and become the ready retailer

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Omni-Channel Merchandising

Tejinder Singh
Track 6: Omni-Channel

Tech driven approaches to increasing store productivity

  • How true omnichannel solves for broken customer- journeys & delivers impaccable customer experience
  • How to translate efficient merchandising capabilities to your digital presence
  • The do’s & don’t’s of omnichannel execution
  • How heat-mapping can help optimise in-store layouts
  • How technologies that enable in-store customer identification & notifications are the driver of tomorrow’s retail business
Samuel Adjei
Track 6: Omni-Channel

The true costs of eCommerce: What it takes to set up and scale an eCommerce operation

•    Why eCommerce isn't a panacea to the woes of brick and mortar
•    What main areas of business cost do brick and mortar retailers usually underestimate when trying to go online?
•    How difficult is it to compete with incumbents, and what are the economics underpinning those difficulties?
•    How difficult is it to compete with incumbents, and what are the economics underpinning those difficulties?
•    What is doing to compete in the eCommerce space against YOOX Net-A-Porter and Farfetch, and what others looking into eCommerce can learn from their approach

Mei Lee
Track 6: Omni-Channel

Understanding omni-channel product assortment

  • What offline retailers need to know when going online
  • How the endless product aisle is a fallacy
  • How your online product assortment should compare to your offline product assortment

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Paul Stoddart

Instant payments goes global

• Going digital is about survival for banks
• Instant Payments provides the platform for innovation for banks and fintechs
• Transforming the core culture to truly deliver on transformation strategy
• Putting the bank brand back at the heart of payments
Sterling Hawkins

An investors view of the future of commerce innovation

•    How well are technology trends keeping up with consumer trends?
•    Assessing the state of today’s retail industry
•    How can technology solve some of retail’s fundamental challenges?
•    Where is the smart money going: a look at investment from payments to retail technology

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Track 6: Omni-Channel, Thursday 20 April 2017

Morning networking

Hanno Stegmann
Track 6: Omni-Channel

Consolidating the Asian commerce market

•    Assessing the reasons for the failure of global retail and e-commerce businesses to establish a sustainable regional presence
•    The impact of growth dominated mindsets at the expense of profitability
•    Cross border consolidation as barriers to regional entry fall
•    How will short term consolidation impact long term growth opportunities?
Danit Peleg
Track 6: Omni-Channel

The promise of 3D printing in retail

•    How will 3D printing transform how customers access the brands they love
•    A close look at 3D printing clothing and apparel
•    What are the clear implications of 3D printing in the retail industry?
Panel discussion
Track 6: Omni-Channel

What are the roadblocks to fostering increased foreign direct investment?

•    Assessing the failure of early forays by foreign brands into Asian markets
•    Exploring the benefit of foreign direct investment over licensing approaches
•    The value of a “culture-centric” approach to foreign expansion
•    How omnichannel can hold the key to foreign brand success abroad

Morning break

Seamless Retail Roundtables

Track 6: Omni-Channel

Click-and-collect and the future of convenience-focused omni-channel.

Track 6: Omni-Channel

How are specialty shops impacting mass-market stores?

Track 6: Omni-Channel

How to apply analytics to transform assortment optimisation.

Track 6: Omni-Channel

How will digital impact the future of in-store signage?

Track 6: Omni-Channel

Technology last: why business structure, talent and advocacy is at the heart of building omnichannel capability.

Track 6: Omni-Channel

The art of context: harnessing mobile & social to engage, sell and retain.

Track 6: Omni-Channel

What retailers need to know to succeed in the duty free space.

Track 6: Omni-Channel

Track chair's remarks

Click & Collect and O2O

Subir Lohani
Track 6: Omni-Channel

Understanding the role of click-and-collect in reverse-engineering the customer journey

  • Understanding how click-and-collect makes e-commerce a funnel for offline
  • How does click-and-collect change buying behaviour? Does click-and-collect change buying behaviour for the better?
  • How does click-and-collect change customer journey mapping?
Karen Chan
Track 6: Omni-Channel

Unlocking the potential of digital in-store

  • The why, what, how of a seamless omni-channel experience for customers
  • How do you bring online and offline together so they complement each other?
  • How do retailers establish the respective value propositions of ordering online vs. going in-store?
Sterling Hawkins
Track 6: Omni-Channel

Overcoming the challenges of click & collect

  • How can you make click & collect an effective market differentiator?
  • In what instances would a customer prefer home-delivery to click & collect, and vice-versa?
  • What are some effective methods for overcoming the core costs of click & collect
  • What lessons can be learned from the travel retail application of click & collect?

Lunch break

Omni-Channel Inventory Management

Track 6: Omni-Channel

How to build customer loyalty with a premium pricing strategy

  • Building customer loyalty with a full price premium product
  • How important is consistency between online and offline channels?
  • Assessing key strategies to increase the perceived value of your products through curated customer journeys
David Chmelar
Track 6: Omni-Channel

Why price comparison is not only about price and how affects consumer decision-making online

  • How offline retailers can successfully contend with online price-comparison being so easy
  • What can an online retailer do to persuade customers to pay them more than their competitors for the same product?
  • Why pricing isn’t the only consideration factor when customer buy online
Amit Keswani
Track 6: Omni-Channel

Product pricing in omni-channel retail: What retailers need to do to maintain pricing power and keep customers spending

  • Should you price yourself equal to your competitors? If so, how do you track what they charge?
  • Should online and offline prices be the same?
  • Can brick & mortar stores adopt dynamic pricing? If so, how?
  • What can you do when customers question your prices?

Afternoon Networking

Last Mile Fulfillment

Van Hoa Trinh
Track 6: Omni-Channel

Omni-channel mobile: A view from Vietnam

  • How omni-channel retail increases cost efficiency
  • How mobile plays a key role in getting through to hard-to-reach markets
  • What retailers need to do to ensure omni-channel initiatives support the entire business
  • Why there is no final model for retail, and why that doesn’t matter
Panel discussion
Track 6: Omni-Channel

How is the rise in demand for same day and next hour delivery impacting warehousing strategy?

•    Why is fast delivery more than just a last mile delivery problem?
•    Tapping into partner networks to move product as close to customers as possible
•    How to use predictive analytics to define warehousing strategy
•    How to work most effectively with logistics partners to fully optimise delivery strategies

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