Track 4: E-Commerce - Goods, Wednesday 19 April 2017


Morning networking

Mr Martin Newman

Creating a Seamless Customer Experience in a digitally driven multichannel world

  • How to put the customer first in a multichannel world
  • Data opportunities that can drive acquisition, conversation and retention
  • From discovery and acquisition to the check out and beyond
  • Transforming the checkout process with innovative payment methods
  • Moving from transaction to customer engagement
  • How will the customer journey evolve in the coming 24-36 months?
Ms Sandhya Devanathan

Think Small – Winning in a Mobile-First World

•    Assessing the challenges & opportunities of the fragmented shopper journey
•    How has mobile-fueled discovery changed consumers’ expectations of brand interactions?
•    Delivering immersive, expressive, and immediate experiences to customers through mobile 
•    Putting payments at the very heart of immersive mobile customer customer journeys
•    How to create seamless, personalised cross-device experiences

Asian innovation showcase

Highlighting the top startups from 6 seamless commerce categories:
Payments - Marketplaces - Analytics - Marketing - Logistics - In-Store Technology

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Track 4: E-Commerce - Goods

Track chair's remarks

Track 4: E-Commerce - Goods

Building online marketplaces

Karlo Angelo Alamares
Track 4: E-Commerce - Goods

eCommerce for the unbanked

  • Why large parts of Asia remain unbanked, and what eCommerce currently means tot those without a bank account
  • What ‘social payments’ means to people without a bank account, and how it differs from the concept of social payments in more developed economies
  • How effective social payments can be implemented in developing economies: Case studies from the Philippines
Karlo Angelo Alamares, Founder, MyDivisoria.ph
Tyson Hackwood
Track 4: E-Commerce - Goods

Contextual commerce – what it is, where it’s going and what it will drive in eCommerce

  • What contextual commerce actually means
  • How social media platforms are evolvinv as the next sales channel, and how retailers can benefit from them
  • How the merging of social networks and eCommerce functionality affect payments solutions
  • What retailers can do to ensure they’re ready to take advantage of the opportunity
Panel discussion
Track 4: E-Commerce - Goods

The realities of growing a brand online in Asia

•    What the lack of a ‘shopping aisle’ on eCommerce marketplaces means for brands who need to stand out
•    Is it more difficult to stand out on an eMarketplace than offline?
•    How costly is it to get in front of consumers on marketplaces such as Rakuten or Alibaba? What are the key sources of expenditure a manufacturer or merchant can expect to incur?

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Track 4: E-Commerce - Goods

Product Discovery

Karma Bhutia
Track 4: E-Commerce - Goods

The search for hyperlocal: building an e-commerce bridge between shoppers and local artisans

•    From payments to logistics: what are the key challenges facing local artisans in developing markets?
•    Economies of scale: the opportunity and challenge of engaging large numbers of artisans on a platform
•    How to ensure quality control whilst scaling a marketplace at pace
Track 4: E-Commerce - Goods

How eTailers can derive more value from their recommendation engines

•    Understanding how products actually get discovered by recommendation engines: What makes new or relatively unpopular products get discovered by algorithms
•    How recommendation engines differ depending on the kind of e-commerce site
•    Recommendation models simplified: what are the state of art recommendation engines used'
•    What can eTailers lacking historical purchase data do to push improvements in their recommendation engines?

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Mr Paul Stoddart

Instant payments goes global

• Going digital is about survival for banks
• Instant Payments provides the platform for innovation for banks and fintechs
• Transforming the core culture to truly deliver on transformation strategy
• Putting the bank brand back at the heart of payments
Venture Relations Sterling Hawkins

An investors view of the future of commerce innovation

•    How well are technology trends keeping up with consumer trends?
•    Assessing the state of today’s retail industry
•    How can technology solve some of retail’s fundamental challenges?
•    Where is the smart money going: a look at investment from payments to retail technology

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Track 4: E-Commerce - Goods, Thursday 20 April 2017

Morning networking


Chair's introduction

Hanno Stegmann
Track 4: E-Commerce - Goods

Consolidating the Asian commerce market

•    Assessing the reasons for the failure of global retail and e-commerce businesses to establish a sustainable regional presence
•    The impact of growth dominated mindsets at the expense of profitability
•    Cross border consolidation as barriers to regional entry fall
•    How will short term consolidation impact long term growth opportunities?
Danit Peleg
Track 4: E-Commerce - Goods

The promise of 3D printing in retail

•    How will 3D printing transform how customers access the brands they love
•    A close look at 3D printing clothing and apparel
•    What are the clear implications of 3D printing in the retail industry?
Panel discussion
Track 4: E-Commerce - Goods

What are the roadblocks to fostering increased foreign direct investment?

•    Assessing the failure of early forays by foreign brands into Asian markets
•    Exploring the benefit of foreign direct investment over licensing approaches
•    The value of a “culture-centric” approach to foreign expansion
•    How omnichannel can hold the key to foreign brand success abroad

Morning break

Track 4: E-Commerce - Goods

E-Commerce Roundtables

Track 4: E-Commerce - Goods

A guide to overcoming key language and accessibility issues when accessing new markets

Track 4: E-Commerce - Goods

A guide to transforming customer engagement and conversion through predictive analytics

Track 4: E-Commerce - Goods

Assessing the back-end system requirements to enable total customer-centric integration

Track 4: E-Commerce - Goods

Assessing the requirements for cross-border mobile e-commerce

Track 4: E-Commerce - Goods

Building collaboration between mobile banking, payments and shopping apps generate value to consumers

Track 4: E-Commerce - Goods

Educating the market: why cross-border commerce is not as complex or costly as consumers think

Track 4: E-Commerce - Goods

How can lessons learned in traditional e-commerce transform the big-ticket sales market?

Track 4: E-Commerce - Goods

How to effectively manage returns in a cross-border context

Track 4: E-Commerce - Goods

Just-in-time commerce: how predictive analytics is changing what it means to be a consumer

Track 4: E-Commerce - Goods

Planning your customer experience from a mobile first perspective

Track 4: E-Commerce - Goods

Track chair's remarks

Track 4: E-Commerce - Goods

International Expansion

Ms Gen Lehn
Track 4: E-Commerce - Goods

The realities of international expansion

•    Why international expansion isn’t a panacea to sluggish local growth
•    What gives incumbent local eTailers an advantage over foreign entrants?
•    How to penetrate foreign markets without losing your grip on your core market
•    What it actually takes for a foreign eTailer to succeed over incuments
Mr Ajit Sivadasan
Track 4: E-Commerce - Goods

Organic expansion vs. Acquisition: Which route works better when?

•    Understanding the economies of scale that make acquisition a good strategy for retailers to expand their reach
•    Understanding when organic growth is the preferred route to expansion
•    Examining the approach foodpanda took to expand in over 50 markets
•    Should brick-and-mortar retailers in dire need of online expansion create their own eTail stores or acquire others?
Panel discussion
Track 4: E-Commerce - Goods

The realities of international expansion

  • Why international expansion isn’t a panacea to sluggish local growth
  • What gives incumbent local eTailers an advantage over foreign entrants?
  • How to penetrate foreign markets without losing your grip on your core market
  • What it actually takes for a foreign eTailer to succeed over incumbents

Lunch break

Track 4: E-Commerce - Goods

The Comoditisation of E-Commerce Logistics

Alessandro Durì
Track 4: E-Commerce - Goods

Building customer trust through your return policy

•    How providing consumers free returns allows you to build their trust
•    What do eTailers have to include in their return policies?
•    How easy should you make it for your customer to return products?
•    How do you manage the cost of returns?
Satyam Choudhury
Track 4: E-Commerce - Goods

How to create a sustainable free shipping strategy

•    Why efficiency is at the heart of successful delivery of free shipping
•    Packaging strategies to ensure cost efficiency doesn’t come at the cost of damaged goods
•    Is vertical integration the only way to fully manage the costs of delivery?
•    Assessing how customers really feel about paying for delivery
Panel discussion
Track 4: E-Commerce - Goods

From commoditisation to differentiatiation – the role of last-mile for today’s e-commerce leaders

•    White glove delivery and when you can charge more for better service
•    Beyond delivery: how to tie in customer care and product demonstration into last mile services
•    Harnessing delight: how every element at point of delivery can lead to lasting customer retention
•    The importance of visability in last mile delivery to reduce failures

Afternoon Networking

Track 4: E-Commerce - Goods

Rethinking the E-Commerce Supply Chain

Managing Director
Track 4: E-Commerce - Goods

How to improve the customer experience through order tracking

  • How to provide visibility in order tracking to customers
  • How to take a proactive approach to keeping customers informed about their deliveries
  • What do retailers need to implement to easily solve order fulfilment problems before they affect the customers?
Managing Director, UPS
Scott Gabrielson
Track 4: E-Commerce - Goods

Supply chain transparency: What retailers can learn from Oliver Cabell’s approach to transparent production

  • Rana Plaza overview: Examining the role that the tragedy played in pushing transparency higher up the retail agenda
  • High-end fashion and how it has succumbed to the “fast fashion” movement: Examining the supply chain implications of overseas production of low-quality and cheaply produced products 
  • Understanding what actually makes retail supply chains so opaque, and what realistically needs to be done to untangle where goods come from
  • The movement towards transparency: Why Oliver Cabell embraces radical transparency, and what larger brands can learn from the approach taken
Panel discussion
Track 4: E-Commerce - Goods

Does the rise of omni-channel require a complete rethink of supply chain design?


End of conference networking

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