Track 3 - Payments Disruption, Wednesday 19 April 2017


Morning networking

Martin Newman

Creating a Seamless Customer Experience in a digitally driven multichannel world

  • How to put the customer first in a multichannel world
  • Data opportunities that can drive acquisition, conversation and retention
  • From discovery and acquisition to the check out and beyond
  • Transforming the checkout process with innovative payment methods
  • Moving from transaction to customer engagement
  • How will the customer journey evolve in the coming 24-36 months?
Sandhya Devanathan

Think Small – Winning in a Mobile-First World

•    Assessing the challenges & opportunities of the fragmented shopper journey
•    How has mobile-fueled discovery changed consumers’ expectations of brand interactions?
•    Delivering immersive, expressive, and immediate experiences to customers through mobile 
•    Putting payments at the very heart of immersive mobile customer customer journeys
•    How to create seamless, personalised cross-device experiences
Panel discussion

Retail reimagined: the tools and trends shaping the future of commerce

Less than 5% of global consumer spending happens online today, and yet the impact of internet commerce is already reverberating across the retail industry. As consumer behaviour evolves and mobile continues its meteoric rise, retailers don’t merely have to keep apace, they have to predict the future.

Global commerce platform, Stripe, joins Capitaland and Honestbee to discuss the technology tools that are enabling new commerce experiences and helping brick-and-mortar stores to reinvent themselves for the mobile era.

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Richard Hartung
Track 3 - Payments Disruption

Track chair's remarks

Mobile money

Rudy Lim
Track 3 - Payments Disruption

Coopetition: The evolving strategies impacting payments ecosystem

• The role of the evolving collaboration of fintechs and banks
• Understand the changing framework to provide easy integration between mobile device and payments solutions
• Tapping into contextual mobile data along with payments information to determine the future of the financial ecosystem and enable a seamless customer experience
Rajan S Narayan
Track 3 - Payments Disruption

Value added services and the future of mobile payments

• Harnessing payments data to deliver contextually appropriate messaging and offers to the mobile device
• Transforming and rewarding consumer behaviour changes through benefit driven services
• Partnerships and the value of mobile payments as a “commerce management” solution
Panel discussion
Track 3 - Payments Disruption

Mobile payments is a solution looking for a problem. Discuss.

• Security, accessibility, immediacy: assessing the core arguments in favour of greater mobile payments growth
• Dealing with the challenge of mobile payments market fragmentation
• The huge emerging market opportunity for mobile payments in an unbanked environment
• Mobilising merchants: how acceptance can be effectively built through better merchant engagement

Lunch break

Mobile Wallets

Ashutosh Pande
Track 3 - Payments Disruption

Demonetisation: How government regulation is creating a mobile wallet revolution in India

•    What challenges have the Indian demonetisation strategy created for commerce?
•    Assessing the key benefits created by the Rs 500 And 1,000 demonetisation
•    How has mobile-based P2P payments helped Indians overcome the challenges created by the financial chaos
•    Evaluating best practice merchant acquiring strategy for mobile wallet platforms
•    How can Indian mobile wallet providers retain customers and merchant support once the shock dies down
Vani Dixit
Track 3 - Payments Disruption

The future of loyalty programmes in a mobile wallet-first payments environment

•    The challenges of housing your loyalty programme within your own branded app
•    Pushing contextual loyalty offers to on-the-go mobile users
•    Benefitting from richer data as mobile payments takes off
•    Mobile wallets as platforms for integrated marketing activity
Panel discussion
Track 3 - Payments Disruption

Device vs telco vs bank: tracking the evolving mobile wallet wars in Asia

•    How as the regulatory environment allowed telcos to thrive in the mobile money space?
•    Proprietary vs open source: assessing device manufacturer strategies for 3rd party wallet providers
•    Do banks own a competitive advantage through wider product availability through the mobile wallet? 
•    The challenge of data ownership in a disrupted mobile payments landscape
•    What are the partnership opportunities between these three critical players around valuable wallet delivery?

Networking break

Paul Stoddart

Instant payments goes global

• Going digital is about survival for banks
• Instant Payments provides the platform for innovation for banks and fintechs
• Transforming the core culture to truly deliver on transformation strategy
• Putting the bank brand back at the heart of payments
Sterling Hawkins

An investors view of the future of commerce innovation

•    How well are technology trends keeping up with consumer trends?
•    Assessing the state of today’s retail industry
•    How can technology solve some of retail’s fundamental challenges?
•    Where is the smart money going: a look at investment from payments to retail technology

Evening Drinks Reception

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Track 3 - Payments Disruption, Thursday 20 April 2017

Morning networking

Malikkhan Kotadia
Track 3 - Payments Disruption

Chair's introduction

Ben Milne
Track 3 - Payments Disruption

Enabling the future of commerce through real time payments

•    The digital commerce driven transformation of payments
•    Assessing the impact on the payments sector by non-bank market entrants
•    Compete, partner or acquire: how can incumbent players react to the strong challenge of fintech
•    Opening up the bank with APIs to allow a customer-centric future for payments
Malikkhan Kotadia
Track 3 - Payments Disruption

Creating a seamless payments ecosystem

•    How is changing consumer behaviour increasing the demand for frictionless payment processes?
•    How can security and privacy be placed at the heart of evolving payment ecosystems?
•    Is there opportunity for a degree of consolidation in the payments industry?  
•    How can blockchain facilitate value transfer to further disrupt the payments ecosystem?

Morning break

Track 3 - Payments Disruption

Payments Roundtables

Track 3 - Payments Disruption

ANY-TO-ANY Payments – Architecting for anyone on any device, anywhere, on any rail

Track 3 - Payments Disruption

Banking identity security innovation

Track 3 - Payments Disruption

Commercial use cases of blockchain

Track 3 - Payments Disruption

Demonetization in India : A Fintech Opportunity up for grab

Track 3 - Payments Disruption

Enabling credit for the underbanked: alternatives to the credit card

Sreeram Iyer
Track 3 - Payments Disruption

Future impact on roles & people skills following digital distruption

Track 3 - Payments Disruption

How to build and lead a winning data science team?

Track 3 - Payments Disruption

The password is dead: long live biometrics!

round tables
Track 3 - Payments Disruption

Why there’s a US$500 billion opportunity in serving the unbanked

Giang Tran
Track 3 - Payments Disruption

Track chair's remarks

Merchant Perspectives

Shilpak Mahadkar
Track 3 - Payments Disruption

How have market disruptors changed the expectations of merchants?

•    Overcoming the challenge of low fee expectations by merchant customers
•    Assessing the opportunities of incremental revenue through value added services at point of sale
•    Meeting the need for round the clock service and troubleshooting provision in the always on world of omnichannel commerce
•    Realising the need to provide compelling services across all service points, from e-commerce to physical points of sale
Simon Wu
Track 3 - Payments Disruption

A guide to harmonising volume, speed and risk in the disrupted world of merchant acquiring

• A journey from Cash to Cashless – Do merchants need to accept digital payments?
• Are new entrants creating competition or they harnessing technology for the whole new opportunity?
• A paradigm shift to tap alternative market
• Push or Pull?
• Balancing the uptake of alternative payment mechanisms with the need for clear consumer protection and dispute resolution mechanisms
• NFC – Why is it so important to payments of now and future?
Panel discussion
Track 3 - Payments Disruption

How frictionless can payments truly go?

• How frictionless payments have evolved over the last 10 years?
• Understanding the true cost of frictionless transactions
• How is the Asia payment regulation affecting the payments industry in the context of frictionless payment?
• Striking a balance between frictionless payment and frictionless fraud - What the future holds in acceptability?

Lunch break

Panel discussion
Track 3 - Payments Disruption

Mobility first: merchant views on the future of mobile payments

•    Assessing the challenges behind increasing usage and adoption rates for mobile payments amongst consumers
•    Why mobile payments hold the key to true omnichannel customer experiences
•    From loyalty to security: the benefits of merchant adoption of mobile payment services
•    How far should merchants be the ones to drive adoption amongst consumers?
David Watson
Track 3 - Payments Disruption

Going cashless: Making a safe transition to multi-platform payments as a merchant

• Simple, fast, affordable and seamless: what are SMEs looking for from their payment solutions
• Out of the box vs tailored solutions: providing customisation whilst retaining simplicity
• The importance of integration with common ERP and accounting solutions
• What are the prerequisites to building merchant adoption in the SME segment?
Kathrin Renner
Track 3 - Payments Disruption

Fighting fraud & maximizing acceptance rates: results of a balancing act

• How to maintain your defenses without compromising good shoppers' frictionless checkout experience
• Leveraging big data to fight fraud and increase revenue
• Insights and examples on how advanced transaction linking algorithm and dynamic 3D secure can help to find the optimal balance between fraud prevention and a frictionless payment experience

Afternoon Networking

Cross Border Payments & Remittance

Rahul Bhargava
Track 3 - Payments Disruption

Assessing the value of the SWIFT Global Payments Innovation Initiative on enabling cross border commerce

•    Enabling global commerce through fast and transparent payments 
•    Solving the challenges of opaque fees, delayed payments and limited information transfer
•    Assessing the value of introducing SLA’s to cross border payments
•    What changes will banks need to make to their processes in order to benefit?
•    Communicating the benefits and providing visibility directly to merchant clients 
•    How significant will blockchain be in SWIFT’s quest for security and transparency?
Cristy Mendoza Vicentina
Track 3 - Payments Disruption

Beyond cash transfers: asserting user control in remittance payments

•    Why do Foreign Domestic Workers (FDWs) want empowerment over how remitted money is spent?
•    Tapping into remittance flows to remove savings, bill and insurance payments at point of transfer
•    Creating basic Personal Financial Management (PFM) tools designed for the FDW market

End of conference networking

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