Track 1 - Payments Strategy, Wednesday 19 April 2017


Morning networking

Mr Martin Newman

Creating a Seamless Customer Experience in a digitally driven multichannel world

  • How to put the customer first in a multichannel world
  • Data opportunities that can drive acquisition, conversation and retention
  • From discovery and acquisition to the check out and beyond
  • Transforming the checkout process with innovative payment methods
  • Moving from transaction to customer engagement
  • How will the customer journey evolve in the coming 24-36 months?
Ms Sandhya Devanathan

Think Small – Winning in a Mobile-First World

•    Assessing the challenges & opportunities of the fragmented shopper journey
•    How has mobile-fueled discovery changed consumers’ expectations of brand interactions?
•    Delivering immersive, expressive, and immediate experiences to customers through mobile 
•    Putting payments at the very heart of immersive mobile customer customer journeys
•    How to create seamless, personalised cross-device experiences

Asian innovation showcase

Highlighting the top startups from 6 seamless commerce categories:
Payments - Marketplaces - Analytics - Marketing - Logistics - In-Store Technology

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Track 1 - Payments Strategy

Track chair's remarks

Track 1 - Payments Strategy

The changing payments landscape

Vipin Agrawal
Track 1 - Payments Strategy

Playing catchup: how will the evolving regulatory environment impact payments in Malaysia?

• The impact of fragmented regional regulation on cross-border payments
• How are local regulators opening up to the possibility of bank and non-bank collaboration?
• What would the impact of a major Asian payments data breach have on regulatory attitudes?
• Lessons learned from European collaboration around payments regulation and security
Mr George Evers
Track 1 - Payments Strategy

Key trends in payments innovation

• Real time and mobile
• Proxy power
• Cloud and blockchain principles – do they apply?
• National vs Regional Vs Global platforms
Sharath Dorbala
Track 1 - Payments Strategy

Staying smart with payments

• Evolving payments landscape due to regulatory shifts and accelerated pace of disruption
• Managing continued customer demands to improve payments convenience and simplicity
 How can you partner to win in this?
• Learnings for new business model banks to grow and attain profitability

Lunch break

Fraud & Security

Dato' Arif Siddiqui
Track 1 - Payments Strategy

Fighting fraud: the radical impact of predictive analytics on pre-empting, detecting and preventing fraudulent activity

•    The importance of going beyond “expert-based approaches” to fraud detection
•    From “pay-and-chase” to “predict and prevent” through analytics application
•    Can plug and play solutions fully realise the value that predictive analytics can bring?
•    Training and hiring requirements to fully benefit from the power of predictive analytics
Ritesh Pai
Track 1 - Payments Strategy

Biometrics and the future of front-end payment security

•    The impact of evolving consumer technology on the uptake of biometrics
•    Beyond Touch ID: tapping into voice, iris and cardiac biometrics in the payments process
•    No second chances: the critical challenge of securing biometric data
•    Overcoming the challenges of driving user adoption through consumer education
Mr Andrew Koh
Track 1 - Payments Strategy

Strength through authentication: lessons learned from Europe’s implementation of PSD2

•    Assessing the value of regional guidelines in support of cross border commerce
•    Protecting consumer confidentiality whilst doubling down on strong payment authentication
•    What impact is PSD2 having on merchant checkout processes?
•    Innovation, protection, competition: what can Asian ecosystem players learn from PSD2?

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Mr Paul Stoddart

Instant payments goes global

• Going digital is about survival for banks
• Instant Payments provides the platform for innovation for banks and fintechs
• Transforming the core culture to truly deliver on transformation strategy
• Putting the bank brand back at the heart of payments
Venture Relations Sterling Hawkins

An investors view of the future of commerce innovation

•    How well are technology trends keeping up with consumer trends?
•    Assessing the state of today’s retail industry
•    How can technology solve some of retail’s fundamental challenges?
•    Where is the smart money going: a look at investment from payments to retail technology

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Track 1 - Payments Strategy, Thursday 20 April 2017

Morning networking


Chair's introduction

Malikkhan Kotadia
Track 1 - Payments Strategy

Chair's introduction

Ben Milne
Track 1 - Payments Strategy

Enabling the future of commerce through real time payments

•    The digital commerce driven transformation of payments
•    Assessing the impact on the payments sector by non-bank market entrants
•    Compete, partner or acquire: how can incumbent players react to the strong challenge of fintech
•    Opening up the bank with APIs to allow a customer-centric future for payments
Track 1 - Payments Strategy

Following the consumer lead: how B2B payments are growing to meet the needs of Asian commerce

•    Why has B2B payments innovation remained solidly behind the curve of consumer payments transformation?
•    From digital invoicing to cross-border payments: the scope of the B2B payments opportunity
•    Enabling seamless commerce through seamless commercial payments
•    Automated transactions through the supply chain in the coming age of IoT
Subba Vaidyanathan
Track 1 - Payments Strategy

Creating a seamless payments ecosystem

•    How is changing consumer behaviour increasing the demand for frictionless payment processes?
•    How can security and privacy be placed at the heart of evolving payment ecosystems?
•    Is there opportunity for a degree of consolidation in the payments industry?  
•    How can blockchain facilitate value transfer to further disrupt the payments ecosystem?
Rico Usthavia Frans, Managing Director, Digital Banking and Technology, Bank Mandiri

Morning break

Track 1 - Payments Strategy

Payments Roundtables

Track 1 - Payments Strategy

A look at the commercial future of blockchain

Track 1 - Payments Strategy

Banking identity security innovation

Track 1 - Payments Strategy

Demonetization in India : A Fintech Opportunity up for grab

Track 1 - Payments Strategy

From digital payments to issuer loyalty - a guide

Sreeram Iyer
Track 1 - Payments Strategy

Future impact on roles & people skills following digital distruption

Track 1 - Payments Strategy

How to build and lead a winning data science team?

Track 1 - Payments Strategy

Solving the key pain points for traditional corporate payments

Track 1 - Payments Strategy

The password is dead: long live biometrics!

Track 1 - Payments Strategy

Understanding cyber-hacking and security issues for digital payments ecosystem

Malikkhan Kotadia
Track 1 - Payments Strategy

Track chair's remarks

Track 1 - Payments Strategy


Mr Altona Widjaja
Track 1 - Payments Strategy

Playing in the sandbox: a review of emerging “disruptor friendly” regulation in Asia

•    How has previous regulation stunted fintech applications from gaining traction?
•    The importance of accessing the financial data tap to allow testing of innovative solutions in a live environment
•    How will the lack of standardised fintech regulation harm the growth of solutions around the region?
•    Assessing the critical safeguards to ensure customer protection from product failure
Samuel Riding
Track 1 - Payments Strategy

Assessing the hurdles facing payments regulation harmonisation across Asia

•    What are the roadblocks to Asian countries adopting a form of Europe’s PSD2 regulation?
•    The value of common payments regulation standards in a cross-border commerce environment
•    Unique problems, unique regulation: assessing the challenges of a one size fits all model for Asian payments regulation
•    How can payments vendors help to bridge the gap in the absence of standard regulation
Mr Daniel Gill, Manager - Change Management, Standard Chartered
Raphael Bouzy
Track 1 - Payments Strategy

RegTech for Improved KYC

• Reviewing and simplifying end-to-end KYC
• Individual KYC and corporate KYC – Understanding different approaches
• Discuss necessary technology and process transformation
• Looking at opportunities for the future – big data, interoperability, other risk themes

Lunch break

Track 1 - Payments Strategy


Mr Aditya Haripurkar
Track 1 - Payments Strategy

How can payment analytics form the backbone of personalised loyalty programmes?

•    Effective and secure data sharing between payments provider and merchant
•    Combining payments with contextual data to create single customer view
•    Easy identification of highest value customers to create premium loyalty programme
•    The value of integrating loyalty programme into PFM systems
Jonas Guingab
Track 1 - Payments Strategy

Beyond transactions: how value added services will safeguard the future of the payment provider

•    Payments as a utility: how can value added services put the brakes on commoditisation?
•    From receipt tracking to price comparison: what features to customers really want
•    Assessing the differing service needs of business and retail customers
•    How can payment providers effectively monetise additional services?
Panel discussion
Track 1 - Payments Strategy

PFM and the future of data-centric consumer financial products

•    Exploring the value of sharing curated consumer data back to the customer
•    Simplicity first: assessing the key features consumers want from PFM solutions
•    Do PFM solutions need to be 3rd party in order to be fully effective?
•    How can providers effectively monetise PFM solutions without compromising user data?

Afternoon Networking

Track 1 - Payments Strategy

Building consumer adoption

Malikkhan Kotadia
Track 1 - Payments Strategy

Tackling the challenge of marketplace education

•    From regulators to banks to fintech players: who owns ultimate responsibility for driving consumers away from cash and towards digital payments?
•    Building partnerships to create coordinated marketing campaigns to encourage digital payments uptake
•    How have national events, from monetary policy in India to natural disasters in Japan, instigated a lurch towards digital payments?
•    Scandinavian case study: assessing the reasons behind the success of Norwegian, Swedish and Danish cashless payments uptake
Mr Kiren Tanna
Track 1 - Payments Strategy

A guide to rewarding early adopters

•    Identifying and tracking the growth of your early active user base
•    Rewarding the network effect: lessons learned from Dropbox
•    Empowering early users with a powerful feedback mechanism to allow feature suggestion and additional comments
Panel discussion
Track 1 - Payments Strategy

The partnership-first approach to building consumer adoption

•    Tapping merchant relationships to promote payment solutions at point of sale
•    Intra-fintech partnerships to help reach broader market segments
•    Partnerships to provide value added services as a tool to promote adoption

End of conference networking

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