seamless retail tour


On 2nd May we will be running an exclusive Singapore Retail Tour, showcasing some of the most innovative and exciting retail spaces across the city. The tour will start at noon and will culminate in an evening drinks reception.

During the tour we will visit a number of well-known and emerging brand stores, giving participants the chance to check out their merchandising and in-stores experience strategies, as well as the use of technology throughout the store.

The stops on the tour are as follows – more will be announced soon:

  1. OUE’s Downtown Gallery
    Hosted by Patrina Tan, SVP – Retail, Marketing and Leasing, OUE
  2. Shimano Cycling World
    Hosted by a senior representative, Shimano

The tour will close with a cocktail reception hosted by Ryan Arrowsmith, CEO – Asia, Greater Group

Attendance is by invitation only and restricted to client-side retailers. Due to space constraints we are only able to accommodate maximum 30 attendees.

Attendees are charged a nominal fee of S$150, but do note that this is only to cover tour logistics.

To enquire about attending, please contact or call +65 6322 2735.



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To discuss the show and reserve your space contact the team now on +65 6322 2786  or email