Seamless Vietnam 2017 - Day One

Le Anh Dung

Guest of Honour Address - Cashless 2020: A roadmap to digitising Vietnamese payments

Khoa Doan

The changing Vietnamese consumer landscape

  • Understanding evolving consumer trends leading to the growth of connected commerce 
  • How have consumers changed and what does the future look like?
  • Assessing the future of business model innovation
Son Tran

Inflection point: Scaling e-commerce in Vietnam

  • Launching and scaling an e-commerce business in a traditional brick and mortar retail market
  • Overcoming challenges from infrastructure to regulations
  • Reaching your customers through better understanding of customer data
  • What is the full growth potential for e-commerce in Vietnam?

Online revolution: How digital is transforming commerce in Vietnam

  • Reaching new customers: millennials, smartphone users and the unbanked
  • How to engage the growing middle class population
  • Overcoming the challenges presented by a dispersed population
  • The future of e-commerce and payments in Vietnam

Panel reserved for the Vietnamese Banking Association


Morning Break

The changing payments landscape

Future business models

Seamless Payments

Creating an ecosystem for digital payments

  • Encouraging customer adoption of digital payments
  • How to foster merchant acceptance of digital payments
  • Establishing a suitable platform to increase digital payment presentation
  • Cross selling and data mining opportunities through digital payments
Seamless E-Commerce & Retail

How can retail brands continue to compete in the age of e-commerce?

  • Creating value by integrating offline retail with social media, online, and mobile selling channels
  • Leading the way through in-store customer experience
  • Using technology and customer data to create the right pricing and offers strategy
  • Driving higher perceived value with multiple pricing strategies
Seamless Payments

How to forge partnerships and move towards cashless payments and digital banking

  • The benefits of forming partnerships to increase access and growth
  • The API driven future of payment ecosystem collaboration
  • Overcoming the data sharing challenge within payments partnerships
Seamless E-Commerce & Retail

How to navigate the future of omni-channel commerce

  • Meeting consumer demands for a unified experience
  • The importance of customer service online and offline
  • Omni-channel marketing: bridging the gap between insight and execution
Seamless Payments

Overcoming challenges around digitising Vietnamese payments

  • Utilising technology to reach the unbanked population
  • Overcoming logistical and infrastructure challenges to ensure equitable access to technology
  • Using customer data to your best advantage
Seamless E-Commerce & Retail

From start-up to scale-up: the challenge of sustainability in Vietnamese e-commerce growth

  • Generating traffic and building a strong customer following
  • Establishing a powerful relationship between buyer and product 
  • The importance of effective social media use to strengthen your communication and retention strategies
Trinh Van Hoa, Vice President, The Central Group

Lunch Break

Moving away from cash on delivery

Omni-Channel Retailing

Seamless Payments

The role of banks in future of disruptive innovation waves

  • Utilising customer insights and experience to create customer focused products and services
  • How technology can bring banks closer to their consumers
  • Why banks need to constantly innovate and be disruptive
Seamless E-Commerce & Retail

Growing omni-channel retail through online-to-offline streamlining and optimisation

  • Vietnam Customer change and retail landscape
  • Why creating collaborative, accessible online shopping environments is the next step for e-commerce
  • Offering an ‘anytime/anywhere’ shopping strategy
  • Four key ways to deliver seamless online & offline experiences
  • Omni channel benefit and new direction of the retail Vietnam
Trinh Van Hoa, Vice President, The Central Group
Seamless Payments

Why cash is still king: how to overcome factors limiting the growth of e-payments in Vietnam

  • Encouraging uptake with incentives for e-payments and loyalty schemes
  • What would a Vietnam without cash look like?
  • What are the key factors limiting the transition?
  • What can the government and private sector do to enable the change?
Seamless E-Commerce & Retail

A guide to best-in-class content marketing for e-commerce

  • Raising your brand awareness through successful custom content
  • How to boost your SEO on a budget through content
  • How can great content help build your customer base and attract new business?
  • Customer generated vs editorial content
Seamless E-Commerce & Retail

Redefining the retail store in today's omni-channel economy

  • The future of the retail store in the O2O driven environment
  • Integrating social strategies into an O2O approach to commerce
  • Technology innovations to improve customer experience in the retail store

Afternoon Break

Thong Pham

E-commerce marketing: how to grow your online business on E-commerce Platform

Nicole Nguyen

Blockchain and untapped business opportunities for startups in Vietnam

  • The business and startup landscape in Vietnam
  • How Blockchain can fit in the Vietnamese landscape 
  • Factors holding back Blockchain in Vietnam and the challenges to stakeholders 
  • The vision for the future: regulated applications and the open innovation model
Shivam Tripathi

Regional Panel: Spotlight on commerce in Cambodia and Myanmar

  • How the payment landscape has changed over the last few years
  • The challenges facing the growth of digital payments in the future
  • What is the effect of foreign investment on the payment ecosystem and retail landscape?
  • The road blocks to the success of e-commerce and how can these be overcome
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