Seamless Vietnam 2017 - Day Two


Chair's opening address

Khoi Le

Winning in retail in a mobile first Vietnam

  • Navigating the omni-channel revolution and its impact on the retail industry.
  • How to catch up with your customers by creating thumb-stopping, personalized cross-device experiences, on the move.
  • Facebook marketplace and the growth of P2P commerce

Competition from abroad: Vietnamese merchant survival in a commerce future


Panel reserved for the Vietnamese Retail Association


Speed Networking


Morning Break


Payments Roundtables


E-Commerce & Retail Roundtables

Seamless Payments

Are the days of cash numbered?

Seamless Payments

Assessing the real value of blockchain in the Vietnamese economy

Seamless E-Commerce & Retail

Is there a future for brick and mortar shops/supermarkets?

Seamless Payments

Cybersecurity: Fighting payments fraud

Seamless E-Commerce & Retail

Harnessing big data and analytics for e-commerce optimization


Lunch Break

Alternative payments


Seamless Payments

The MoMo effect: assessing the future of mobile wallets in Vietnam

  • Examining the evolution of mobile wallets in Asia 
  • Raising awareness of the mobile payments through marketing campaigns
  • Tapping into the potential of the unbanked for future growth 
Seamless E-Commerce & Retail

Click & collect and O2O: how to remain relevant in the age of customer first

  • Is click and collect the saviour of retail?
  • Why click & collect is the future for convenience shopping
  • Challenges presented by click & collect
  • How will O2O customer trends impact core retail investment decision making?
  • How to combine offline and online in an efficient way
Seamless Payments

How to maximise the potential of mobile payments and develop a truly digital customer experience

  • Examining the key elements of successful mobile payments (Mpesa in Kenya and PayTM in India) 
  • The need for cooperation, interoperability and the importance of a strong ecosystem 
  • The importance of trust in mobile money
  • Challenges and opportunities in Vietnam to build a strong mobile payments proposition
Seamless E-Commerce & Retail

Slashing reverse logistics costs through end-to-end efficiency

  • Enhancing last mile fulfilment through the connection of people, processes, data and devices
  • Enabling a direct to consumer strategy from manufacturer to end user
Seamless Payments

The importance of trust in the next frontier of mobile payments

  • Millennials: Serving the heightened expectation of the most connected and demanding consumer
  • Methods to increase consumer trust such as greater ease of use
  • Moving beyond social transactions and looking at the future of mobile payments
Seamless E-Commerce & Retail

The transformation of Vietnamese commerce delivery in the last few years

  • Overcoming challenges in infrastructure, rural locations and cash on delivery
  • The need for speed: customer expectations for instant delivery 
  • What does the future of delivery look like for Vietnamese shoppers?

Afternoon Break

Transfer and remittance

Social, Local, Mobile

Seamless Payments

FDI in Vietnam: Opportunities and challenges

  • FDI investment into Vietnam in recent years
  • The role of FDI in Vietnamese economy
  • Demand for products and services of local and foreign entities
  • Opportunities and challenges in the provision of services
Seamless E-Commerce & Retail

The Power of Local: Embracing the Niche

  • Creating a local brand
  • Creating local content and developing a local audience
  • How to monetise local content
Seamless Payments

Migrant worker remittances and the informal economy: opportunities and challenges

  • The importance of remittances to the development of the informal sector
  • Financial education and the importance of sending remittances home to drive economic development
  • Regulations and use of foreign currency in the territory of Vietnam
  • How an e-wallet or bank account for payroll deposit serves the financial Inclusion model
Seamless E-Commerce & Retail

How to engage your audience effectively through social channels: marketing, technology and management

  • Building a powerful online brand to attract & engage new clients
  • Helping brands target buyers in a more interpersonal and holistic fashion
  • Using social media to drive conversation, positive controversy and rapidly scaling up organic reach
Seamless Payments

Enhancing International Remittances via Blockchain-based Payments

  • How do Blockchain-based remittances work
  • What are the benefits and downsides (and how to mitigate them)
  • The current status of Blockchain-based remittances
  • A future outlook
Seamless E-Commerce & Retail

M-Commerce: why the future of Vietnamese commerce is social and mobile first

  • Advantages and challenges for the development of m-commerce in Vietnam
  • The rise of social commerce in Asia
  • The power of sign-ups: creative ways to encourage customer account creation
  • Contextual data and the power of real-time site personalisation
  • The future of customer support in a real-time commerce environment

End of Conference Networking

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