Sam Coizet | Co-Founder

Sam Coizet, Co-Founder, Kinkao

Sam has been living in Thailand for 8 years after being an entrepreneur in France. He sold his company and moved to Thailand working for companies such as Living Social and Groupon. 
He has always been passionate about eCommerce and lately by the mobile applications. 

90% of the workers in Thailand are having lunch on the street in humid conditions, and with repetitive menu choices. 

Kinkao is a solution for companies who want to subsidise lunch to their workforce. Kinkao offers clean street food along with a variety of menus that employees can choose directly through the chat application LINE. 

We believe that employee's satisfaction leads to improvement in productivity and company culture. Employees happy, employers happier!


Seamless Thailand 2018 - Day Two @ 14:05

Mobile first: why the future for Thailand is social and mobile commerce

  • Advantages and challenges for the development of m-commerce in Thailand
  • The power of sign-ups: creative ways to encourage customer account creation
  • Contextual data and the power of real-time site personalisation
  • The growth of social commerce

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