Seamless Thailand 2018 - Day Two


Chair's Introduction

Jose Victor Paterno

Modernising retail for the digital age: Learnings from the Philippines

  • The growing importance of online platforms for retailing in the Philippines
  • How will the growing omnichannel revolution affect the retail industry in the Philippines
  • Building new loyalty capabilities and strategic partnerships with winning consumers

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Morning Break


Payments Roundtables


E-Commerce Roundtables


Retail Roundtables


Lunch Break

Trust & Fraud

Social Commerce & SEO

The Future of Malls

Seamless Payments

The importance of trust in the next frontier of mobile payments

  • Millennials: Serving the heightened expectation of the most connected and demanding consumer
  • Methods to increase consumer trust such as greater ease of use
  • Moving beyond social transactions and looking at the future of mobile payments
Seamless Retail

The future of the retail in the age of m-commerce

  • Customer experience is key: Shopping is no longer only about the transaction
  • Transforming malls into all-encompassing entertainment centres to drive footfall and encourage loyalty
  • Linking offline and online: creating mobile apps with real time features and offers
Seamless E-Commerce

Mobile first: why the future for Thailand is social and mobile commerce

  • Advantages and challenges for the development of m-commerce in Thailand
  • The power of sign-ups: creative ways to encourage customer account creation
  • Contextual data and the power of real-time site personalisation
  • The growth of social commerce
Seamless Retail

Combining retail and lifestyle: are destination malls the future?

  • Why is retail still growing despite the rise of e-commerce services?
  • Meeting the customer need for unique, personal, physical retail experiences
  • Providing a one-stop shop for retail and entertainment that can’t be achieved through online shopping

Afternoon Break

Rise of Fintechs

Cross Border Commerce


Seamless Payments

How can banks address the challenges posed by the new forms of payments and crypto currencies?

  • Exploring how the latest modes of payments and crypto currencies have achieved a level of reduction in costs, turnaround times and a good level of transparency.
  • The role of Central Banks in exploring the use of Crypto currencies, and the opportunity to re-think Banking as well as economic activities.
  • Taking charge of the payment flows and re-aligning them to reduce cost, improve the speed, accuracy.
Seamless Retail

Driving higher perceived value with multiple pricing strategies

  • What are underlying needs and variables that customers are willing to pay for?
  • Commonalities and differences between market segments that affect customer willingness to pay
  • Balancing short term profitability with long term sustainability through pricing strategies
Seamless Payments

Creating an innovation culture

  • Collaborating with others to bring in new perspectives
  • Embracing and learning from failure
  • Overcoming challenges: How can technology solve fundamental challenges?
Seamless E-Commerce

The synergy of online offline engagement in Facilitating Borderless World of Business

  • Taking convergence of brick and mortar and the online presence for seamless customer engagement
  • What are the importance of cross border trade? The emerging opportunities of cross border trade in e-commerce
  • How can the participating countries benefit in cooperation?
Seamless Retail

Learnings from Online: Best practice for in-store marketing and merchandising

  • Customer experiences and engagement: what can retailers learn from e-tailers?
  • Overseas examples of how beacon and geofencing enhances the consumer journey experience?
  • Lessons from China: What can Thai retailers, e-tailers and government officials etc adopt to grow faster?
Seamless Payments

APIs and the future of fintech/financial institution in the payments sector

  • Streamlining payments experiences for the consumer through 3rd party APIs
  • The challenge and opportunity of banking APIs to allow greater integration with fintech solutions
  • The challenge of safeguarding consumer data in a banking API driven ecosystem
Seamless E-Commerce

A guide to overcoming the challenges of cultural nuances when expanding into local markets

  • Why have many international brands failed to successfully launch in Asia?
  • Similarly, why have so many Asian brands failed in Western market?
  • What can retailers do to grasp cultural nuance without burning too much money?
  • How can a retailer localise its product selection?
  • How can local partnerships help to achieve a deep level of cultural understanding?
Seamless Retail

Retail distributors in Thailand: redefining the business model

  • Assessing the longevity of new business models facing modern retailers
  • Maintaining a holistic approach to change: ensuring an internal workflow cohesion and alignment
  • How can retailers continue to compete effectively without opening themselves to too much risk?
Seamless Retail

Evaluating 3PL strategies to reduce lead times, improve reliability and enhance visibility

  • Revising order cycles/lead time quantities by improving forecasting
  • Centralising your inventory: reducing the value of SKU counts
  • Reduce variability of demand and supply by aligning metrics



Supply Chain

Seamless Payments

Assessing the untapped business opportunities for blockchain in Mekong area

  • The business and start up landscape in Mekong area
  • How Blockchain can fit in the Mekong landscape
  • Factors holding back Blockchain in Mekong area and the challenges to stakeholders
  • The vision for the future: regulated applications and the open innovation model
Seamless E-Commerce

Click & collect and O2O: how to remain relevant in the age of customer first

  • Is click and collect the saviour of retail?
  • Why click & collect is the future for convenience shopping
  • Challenges presented by click & collect
  • How will O2O customer trends impact core retail investment decision making?
  • How to combine offline and online in an efficient way
Seamless Retail

The enduring role of cash: How retailers can make cash registers as seamless as possible

  •  Just how important is cash?
  • What forms of cash will continue to be important?
  • How much can cash handling be automated?
Seamless Payments

How will greater regulation impact Blockchain in Thailand?

  • Implementing legitimacy and credibility for virtual currencies  - Combating money laundering, corruption and terrorism
  • How would increase regulation affect new entrants to the virtual currency market?
  • Developing products and services for greater financial inclusion in Thailand
Seamless E-Commerce

The effect of e-commerce on the future of logistics

  • Overcoming challenges in infrastructure, rural locations and cash on delivery
  • The need for speed: customer expectations for instant delivery
  • What does the future of delivery look like for Thai shoppers?
Seamless Payments

Is blockchain the remedy to the issues facing cross-border payments?

  • Where are things currently with cross border payments?
  • How does blockchain (public or private) solve many of the problems we're seeing?
  • What needs to happen for blockchain to be more impactful in this area?
  • How can regulators best support private sector blockchain innovation

End of Conference

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