Seamless Thailand 2018 - Day One

Malikkhan Kotadia

Chair's Introduction

Siritida Panomwon Na Ayudhya

Guest of Honour Keynote - Prompt Pay: modernising the national payment system

  • Paving the way to a cashless society
  • The benefits for companies and consumers
  • Future Directions
John Wagner

Discovering Growth in the evolving world of Commerce

The changes in the consumer’s habits are quite clear for retailers and the rise of m-commerce is pushing them to adapt “mobile first” strategies. In fact, mobile platforms can no longer be ignored. We have noticed that “retailers who have optimised their mobile shopping experience accordingly – both in-app and on mobile – are pulling away from their competitors and continue to see strong traction from consumers”. Hear from Facebook, how business can harvest this opportunity by putting mobile at the heart of digital strategies and digital product development.

Morning Break

The Changing Payments Landscape

Customer Service & Experience

Omnichannel Retailing

Seamless Payments

How machine learning transforms the banking industry

  • How artificial intelligence (AI) and big data applied to the banking business?
  • What are realistic expectations of the use of AI in banking?
  • What would a future bank look like with AI?
Saran Ahuja, Ph.D, Senior Data Scientist, SCB Abacus Co., Ltd.
Seamless E-Commerce

Human Driven Personalization Doesn’t Scale

  • Data science, machine learning & AI enhance the customer experience.
  • Omnichannel personalization is driven by data.
  • The machine relies on the human to make it better, not the other way around.
  • With live examples of brands that are using AI technology to scale personalisation
Seamless Retail

Unleashing online metrics for the offline retailer

  • Analytic Metrics and how it will help you understand your customer
Seamless Payments

Creating Seamless & Omni-channel Digital Payment Experiences

  • Marketplace is changing & Banks are in a compelling need to respond to the changing market place with new business ideas. FinTechs, in competition with the banks, are more agile in executing the ideas faster. How could banks respond to the challenge posed by FinTechs?
Seamless E-Commerce

How to optimize the mobile customer experience

  • How top retailers are using innovating technology to meet rising consumer expectations. 
  • Learn how to leverage mobile across all channels to delight your customers
  • Continuously improve your customer experience by monitoring, optimizing and validating changes
Seamless Retail

Growing omnichannel retail through online-to-offline streamlining and optimisation

  • Why creating collaborative, accessible online shopping environments is the next step for e-commerce
  • Offering an ‘anytime/anywhere’ shopping strategy
  •  Four key ways to deliver seamless online & offline experiences
Seamless Payments

Are mobile wallets reaching a tipping point?

  • Examining the evolution of mobile wallets in Asia
  • With the convergence of messaging and payments, will telcos finally tip mobile wallets in their favour?
  • Enhancing the social commerce experience, expanding the digital commerce ecosystem
Seamless E-Commerce

Creating seamless customer experiences in an omnichannel world

  • How to put the customer first in a multichannel world
  • Data opportunities that can drive acquisition, conversation and retention
  • Moving from transaction to customer engagement
  • How will the customer journey evolve in the coming 24-36 months?
Seamless Retail

Redefining the retail store in today's omnichannel economy

  • The future of the retail store in the O2O driven environment
  • Integrating social strategies into an O2O approach to commerce
  • Technology innovations to improve customer experience in the retail store

Lunch Break

Banking Models & Cross Border

Big Data & Analytics

Convenience Formats & Pop Ups

Seamless Payments

How mobile payments are disrupting banking models across Asia

  • The TECS are rapidly transforming  payments in many Asian markets.
  • Regulators are driving change in payment regulations to create greater financial access and financial inclusion e.g. India.
  • The big TECS players like Alibaba and Tencent dominate payments in China and are rapidly expanding to other Asian markets. Will they be the new leaders in Asian Financial Services?
  • What are the implications for banks and how can they respond to the growth of Fintech and the TECS in Asia.
Seamless E-Commerce

Using automated machine learning to prevent fraud in e-commerce transactions

  • Identify current trends in fraud detection 
  •  Describe new methods of fraud detection with advanced machine learning techniques
  •  Propose a simple strategy to adopt machine learning methods in an e-commerce company
Seamless Retail

Are Pop Up shops the future of retail?

  • The importance of engaging and unique shopper experience
  • Transition from online to offline
  • Customer support and creating intimate relationships
Seamless Payments

Migrant remittances and the informal economy: opportunities and challenges

  • The importance of remittances to employees in the informal economy
  • How an e-wallet or bank account for payroll deposit serves as the essential vehicle for financial inclusion?
  • The importance of financial education: ending the financial exclusion cycle
Seamless E-Commerce

Overcoming trust issues with consumers while maximising the use of their data

  • Personalised pricing strategies based on individual data profiles ‐ the end of the ‘standard’ price
  • IOT: more channels to sell through, more data collected on individuals
  •  Joint development of trusted intermediaries to provide security and reassurance
Seamless Retail

Urbanisation: the key reason for the growth in convenience formats

  • The rising demand for premium categories and products, on-the-go eating solutions and ready-made meals
  • Growing importance of convenience for the rising middle class
  • Increased purchasing in lower- and middle-class consumers
  • Growth in prioritising convenience over price.

Cash Handling

Growing Categories

Modernising Retail

Seamless Payments

Why cash is still king: factors limiting the growth of e-payments in Thailand

  • Encouraging uptake with incentives for e-payments and loyalty schemes
  • What would a Thailand without cash look like?
  • What are the key factors limiting the transition?
  • What can the government and private sector do to enable the change?
Seamless E-Commerce

Leveraging e-commerce to create new growth options

  • Disrupting and capturing market shares from strong, well-established brands (Keep that one).
  • Online grocery shopping a new way to shop for food, players and their specificities.
  • Complexity of online grocery shopping versus non-food online shopping
Seamless Retail

The future of retail and e-commerce

  • E-commerce and customer Evolution 
  • The third wave of internet
  • Online to offline seamless shopping. 
Seamless E-Commerce

The rise of local, on-demand food delivery

  • What lies ahead for food delivery services?
  • Changing people’s perceptions about home delivery
  • Disrupting the traditional delivery model
Seamless Retail

Customer Service in Retail: how to develop your sale staff to stay competitive in the age of e-commerce

  • Increasing importance of In-store experience and Factors impacting In-store customer experience and training strategy
  • Leveraging on enterprise social media, online, and mobile channels for employee development
Seamless Payments

How a cashless society opens the door to lasting financial inclusion

  • Innovative solutions to solve cash pain points
  • Tapping into a neglected segment- doing good and making a profit
  • Using mobile money in a collaborative model to scale and service the unbanked
Seamless E-Commerce

Inflection point: scaling e-commerce in Thailand

  • Launching and scaling an e-commerce business in a traditional bricks and mortar retail market
  • Overcoming challenges from infrastructure to regulations
    Reaching your customers through better understanding of customer data
  • What is the full growth potential for e-commerce in Thailand?
Seamless Retail

How to enrich merchandising attributes and re-imagine stores as consumer magnets

  • How companies are using technology to enhance the customer experience.
  • How data-driven marketing is a key priority for retailers and the ways in which retailers are adopting a more data-driven approach.
  • How offline retailers can successfully contend with online price-comparison being so easy

Evening Break

Abhishant Pant

National Payment System: A case study from India

  • The evolution of the digital payments landscape in India
  • The impacts of demonetization on payments, e-commerce and retail
  • Learnings from a National payments ecosystem
Tana Pothikamjorn

AI is the new UI: Putting data at the heart of product development

  • Enhancing customer experience through data analytics
  • Creating the necessary capabilities to utilize big data
Seamless E-Commerce

AI is the new UI: Putting data at the heart of product development

  • Enhancing customer experience through data analytics
  • Creating the necessary capabilities to utilize big data
Bertrand Peyrat

Is Long Tail Selling the Best Strategy?


Evening Drinks Reception

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