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"noqodi is a payment system like no other – a service that puts cutting-edge technology at the centre of everything we do, a service that is constantly innovating, constantly improving, forever striving to tomorrow. We work to find the best solutions for your business, so that it and you, can thrive.

We’re integrated with multiple banks as well as governmental and non-governmental merchants – offering a multitude of payment options and channels.

We provide complete automation of collections, reconciliation, settlement, refunds and other financial transactional services.

Merchants, businesses and consumers can all utilise our extensive information management interfaces, putting your payments at your fingertips.

With the highest industry-standard, PCI DSS-Certification, we’re a platform you can trust with the things that matter most.

From eWallets to one-click payments, we’re at the forefront of modern payment solutions for both establishments and individuals. So make your payments suit your lifestyle, with noqodi."