Shayaan Tahir | Founder And Chief Executive Officer
Home Shopping

Shayaan Tahir, Founder And Chief Executive Officer, Home Shopping

As the Founder and CEO of, I am responsible for leading the organizational vision of forming a world with convenient and ready access to all categories of products, everywhere in Pakistan and beyond. As the name suggests, the idea behind is empowering the people of Pakistan with the right tools for shopping from home, and making their lives easier. At, my teams are all aboard the bandwagon of transforming individual lives by being customer obsessed, achieving the company’s mission with unconventional solutions, and creating noise in the environment in which we operate. The next step for us, is to take global. The aim is to “Live locally & Build Globally.” provides 50,000+ products over a wide and comprehensive range of consumer categories, including home appliances, gaming consoles, latest gadgets, and musical instruments, to a passionate customer community unified by style. Our prices are unmatched and our services par excellence. Over a span of 10 years, it has become a renowned and well-established brand name in the eCommerce industry. People all around the country have come to recognize the name, associate themselves with valued customer experiences, and trust the value that the brand represents. As a result, is counted amongst the top two largest online shopping websites in the country, especially when it comes to the latest gadgets. Through the diligence of our people and adhering to the brand mission and values, has been able to achieve thousands of orders in a month, with regular customers from far-flung cities of Pakistan.

Why is the speaker so brilliant?

It takes strength, courage, and resilience to introduce something innovative. The speaker has successfully displayed all three characteristics with his innovation business venture by the name of Homeshopping. With Homeshopping, he is proving his focus, and his brilliance. With his empowering words and encouraging attitude, he is an inspiration for youth all across the globe.


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Driving click & collect profitability

  • Giving consumers a reason to visit the store: capitalising on impulse purchases
  • Staying competitive: enabling customers to shop their preferred way
  • Increasing convenience: no delivery, no tracking, no waiting
  • Leveraging your existing store network to fulfil from stores
  • Serving an omnichannel consumer with in-store pick up, ship-to-store and same day delivery
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